Friday, March 28, 2014

mysterious X

Maybe my theme for 2014 should have been "catching up" because that's what I seem to be doing the most these days - ha!

The little pumpkin had her first grade musical a couple of weeks ago. One of the things I love most about her school is that they emphasize the arts...visual arts, performing name it! She was so excited before school that morning!!
Their musical was alphabet related and each of the 4 first grade classes sang a couple of songs. Here's her class singing about that "Mysterious X"...
All of the sweet first graders singing their little hearts out!
A-E-I-O-U and Sometimes Y...another one of their proud of this sweet girl!
She had a speaking part right before one of the songs and she got nervous and started to say the lines for a different part. She was able to pull it off in the end, but I could tell she was upset with herself. One of the hardest things as parents is letting them experience moments like this without immediately just scooping them up and protecting their little self-esteems! Believe me I wanted to!!! Especially when she told me she cried backstage!!  Thankfully, she told me her sweet teacher Mrs. Y hugged her and comforted her.
It nearly broke my heart days later when she told me in a quiet little voice, "I guess I'm not ready for second grade." I asked her why she would think a thing like that, to which she responded, "because second grade is when we start doing plays and I can't even get my lines right so I won't be able to go to second grade." Oh boy. I fought back the tears and we talked about it and I did my best to reassure her. She's so kind with others and yet she puts so much pressure on herself. She's a perfectionist by nature and these are hard lessons to learn. But we all must.
So happy that Noonie was able to come see her!
My deart Grace,
It doesn't matter how many times we fall, just how many times we get up! Never, ever give up! Daddy and I will ALWAYS be here for you NO MATTER WHAT!
And we are very proud of WHO you are!


Sara Moon said...

Oh this breaks my heart for her. She is so ready for 2nd grade! : ) She is just too fabulous!

Jessica said...

Thank you! I think she is as sweet as they come...of course, I may just be a *wee* bit biased! ;)