Wednesday, May 28, 2014

First Swim Meet!

Another milestone! We were both a bundle of nerves, unsure about the whole process. Me...trying to stay calm so she wouldn't know I was just as nervous - if not more - than she was. I have to give a huge THANK YOU to a sweet high school friend Holli who I was so glad to see in person and who showed us the ropes with writing out the required numbers on her arm!
A moment of panic...just before her 25yd freestyle swim. At that very moment, I was just so thankful for one of her sweet coaches who looked her straight in the eye and with just the right mix of sweetness and sternness told her, "Yes, you CAN do this. Remember straight arms and fast legs. You got this. Go."
And 48.8 seconds later she was on the other side and I finally let out the breath I didn't even realize I was holding.
Watching and waiting. Learning patience too!
This is how little brothers pass the time at swim meets...
Love, love, love this one! Sam had just finished swimming backstroke and won his heat and these sweet girls were sooooo happy for him! They cheered their little hearts out while he was in the water. S - A - M, Go Sam!
Time for her 25yd backstroke and she was PUMPED about this one! She said backstroke was her favorite.
Girls 8 and Under, Heat 3 swimmers in the water...
And she's off! Look at that smile!! Could be because Daddy had made it in time to see her swim!!
Almost there!
And done in 51.4 seconds! Look at that smile!
Sweet hug from Noonie!
What a fun morning!!! 

And isn't this what life as a mom is all about...knowing when to push them and knowing when to set them free and holding your breath while silently saying a prayer for them and rejoicing when you see them come out on the other side! 

So, so, SO very proud of you, Grace!!! You didn't give in to fear. You persevered. And you were AWESOME! Daddy and I are so very proud of you!