Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Food, Pottery, Friends, Family Pics...Goodbye Seaside!

Not gonna lie, as beautiful as these beaches are, by the end of the week, my own bed is always caaaaaaalllllllliiiiiinnnnnggg my name - ha!
We tried out a new restaurant this year at the recommendation of a friend and it was soooo good! The Perfect Pig in Seagrove. Yummy bbq and a beautiful setting!
Sassy little miss!
After lunch, Grace and I did a little shopping and we went to this little boutique whose owner has a fancy and very sweetly spoiled cat...sneaky too!
This sign is meant for the cat!!! The shopkeeper insisted we take a pic by it. The attitude was all Grace. She said she needed the sign for her room...for Hudson - ha!
One new thing we decided to do this year was let the littles paint their own pottery at Fired Up! as a souvenir.  
Hudson went with a "ferocious piranha"...
Grace decided on a mermaid...
She was very particular about how she wanted Elsie, the Mermaid to turn out!
This little guy was done quickly and couldn't wait to go get a treat from Dawson's, our favorite!
Storytime on the Square in Seaside is so much fun. LOVE how the actors really get into it!
Love this park too!
Their souvenirs turned out so cute!
Check out the blood on his piranha - ha! All BOY, I tell ya!
Pretty little mermaid!
Oh, and one more souvenir...ANOTHER loose tooth!!
There is something so super special about finding out one of your very best school friends is at the beach at the very same time you are!! It calls for an early morning playdate!
Sweet girls!!
This year we decided to hire a photographer to take some family pics. Can't wait to see how they turned out!!! But here are a couple of phone sneaks - we went with C O L O R F U L - ha!
Happy littles telling silly jokes about toot-noises. Whatever it takes, right??!
Father & son...
And just like that our time was up. Goodbye Seaside! Until we meet again!
The littles get a kick out of waving at that yellow statue on our way out - ha!


Fancy at the Farm said...

Love oh love!

Billie Jo said...

Wonderful vacation, my friend!
Love the memories you made with your littles...
And I agree. Always nice to go...even better to go home! : )

Jessica said...

Thanks you two!! :)))

Kelli said...

Such a wonderful vacation! I love having pictures taken at the beach. Our home is filled with beach pictures from all our summer vacations.

Kelli said...

By the way the pose Grace has in the store is just like my Juliana's pose!

Unknown said...

I have a question for you.....I have used the teacher tidbits that you featured on your blog a couple of years ago for my little girl this year and last question is how many years should send this to her teachers....i don't want the other kids in her class to become mean and think that she is trying to brown nose the teacher or become the teachers pet...she is currently in first grade....what's your advice?

Thanks Christy

Queen of Good Intentions said...

I am sooo jealous! Looks like a fabulous vacation!

Jessica said...

Kelli ~ what are we going to do with these girly girls???! :))

Christina ~ Our school's PTA distributes the equivalent of the "teacher tidbits" to every room mom so we can get an idea of what our teacher likes. I LOVE having ideas, esp. when I don't know them too well! So all that to say that I haven't had to use it since preschool! However, I don't think it would be taken as brown nosing at all. Just a way to get to know the teacher better! Hope your sweet girl has a fabulous 1st grade year!!