Sunday, October 19, 2014

Boo Bash {2014}

Want to know how to make an ordinary Monday not so ordinary? Pull out the halloween decorations and surprise your littles with a fun Boo Bash after school!
I dropped off two unsuspecting littles at school...
Rushed home to set it all up...
And as soon as we made it home, I made them cover their eyes... 
{wanna guess who my usual peeker is?? he he he}
Ummm...Grace...I don't see any surprises...
But this made it all worthwhile!
They couldn't wait to check out all the goodies...
I love giving the littles their halloween treats early so we can enjoy halloween jammies all month long. I'm a little behind the game this year...I usually do it on October 1st! But they didn't seem to mind!
Just little trinkets and what nots, but it was the silly putty that she loved most!
Meow!  he he...
I love that their buckets will double as trick-or-treat buckets come Oct. 31st!
This little fella was pretty excited about the bone-shaped chalk and the glow-in-the-dark pj's!
And I was most excited by this little friendly ghost. Anyone remember Casper??!
And then the treats!!
Fun place settings for my two favorite goblins...
Marshmallows for my resident princess...
...and chocolate ghosts for my favorite little guy!
"I just ate the ghosteses' mouth so he can't spook us, Grace!" {be still my heart!}
Milk just tastes better when it makes cute jack-o-lantern faces, doesn't it??
They're only little for such a short while. I want to always remember them like this...side by side, giggling, laughing, enjoying an ordinary Monday...being the best of friends...
And later that night...all cozied up in their halloween jammies!
So break out all the orange + black goodies and make it special...not fancy, just sPeCIaL!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, a special after-school treat...your doesn't take much, but they'll remember it! That I can promise you!
Have fun!


Virginia said...

Dear daughter: you make even the simplest things sooo special for your kids! They will always remember those moments. You are a great mother!

Lesley said...

As always, so precious!!! I just love all your sweet touches. I love the pumpkin plates...where do you find those?

Billie Jo said...

Adore. And yes...
These years do pass quickly...
And they are only young once.
You are inspiring!!!
It is all perfect.
And you know what are setting in place fun traditions that will span generations. : )

EverydayAdventuresWithKids said...

You are such a great Mommy! I know they will remember these special times for years to come. Love that cute table and setup! Where did you get those cute jammies?

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! So fun!!! You are such a sweet inspiration :)
Where are the cute pumpkin plates and glasses from?
Thanks so much for sharing!
Sara :)

Sara said...

Oh my goodness! So fun!!! You are such a sweet inspiration :)
Where are the cute pumpkin plates and glasses from?
Thanks so much for sharing!
Sara :)

Kelli said...

You are such an awesome mommy!! Our kids are with us for such a short time that I too try to make as many memories as possible with them. I am planning our Halloween morning breakfast. Oh how I would love to spend an afternoon with you..:)
Where did you find the vintage looking cat hanging above the table?

Jessica said...

Thanks, mom! I learned from the best! :)

The plates were a fun Goodwill find! 3 for 99 cents!

Thank you! I sure hope they have fun memories from all of our crazy adventures, Billie Jo! :)

Thanks, Hayden! The jammies are from Gymboree. They were on sale for $12/each. Woo hoo!

Thanks, Sara! Plates were a fun Goodwill find (score!) and tumblers are plastic (score x2!) from Target last year!

Kelli - that would be so much fun!!!! I'm in ! :) The vintage cat decoration is from Target this year!