Friday, October 17, 2014

Pumpkin Patch {2014}

We finally made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch!! I love seeing all these pumpkins lined up in a row...
We ran into an old friend and she took this family pic for us - yay!
How tall this year??
When you find "the one", you just know!
My little pumpkin! 
Grace, 7 1/2
My favorite little guy in the whole wide world! Hudson, 5
Cutest scarecrow!
We all picked out our favorites...this one right in the front was mine!!
Battle of the wills...
Pumpkin negotiations not going well...
Pull, Hudson, Pull!
Just keepin' it real, folks...
Quite possibly my favorite pumpkins from the patch!! Love that these were made by the ladies of the church!
I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers. ~Anne of Green Gables


Unknown said...

Thank you for your new posts. I love your life photos and commentary. Happy Fall!

Laura T. said...

Fall greetings from Chicagoland!
Love all the great pictures! Congratulations on the Nutcracker! That's so exciting!
I just wanted to tell you something about your Vanilla Bean Noel candle that you talked about last season. I thought I would give it a try & I've been burning it recently. My husband's band guys come in & always ask me if I'm baking! They've done it more than once! It smells so good! I looked online & I don't see the candle. They have other things in that scent but no candle yet. I hope they have it again. I should have hoarded a bunch last year!

Kelli said...

I was so happy to see a new post!! I too find life a bit busy and the blog sometimes takes a back page.
Love all you cute pumpkin patch pictures.

Jessica said...

Thanks for reading along, Debby! Happy Fall to you too!!

Isn't it the best, Laura??!! When I went in to get Fall scents, the girl put me on a notification list for when VBN comes out - hahahahaha! Can't wait!

So easy to let it slide, isn't it, Kelli??! Can't wait to see your halloween breakfast! :)

Unknown said...

Fun times!!!