Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Conversations with a 16 Month Old & Flowers

Grace's vocabulary has been growing so much lately. She is one little chatterbox for sure! She surprised me the other day by counting to 10! It takes a little prompting, I will say "one" and she says "two" then I say "three" and she says "four" - so cute - but I had no idea she could go all the way to 10! She has learned a bunch of body parts...eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, hair, fingers, toes, belly, belly button, knee, neck, and her newest, chin! She knows the words for and can recognize the letters a, b, c, i, and G (her favorite). She also knows the letters "a,b, and c" in spanish and the spanish word for floor "piso".

Grace LOVES animals and the sounds they make! She can point and say horse - neigh, cow - moo, pig -(makes this hilarious snorting sound), sheep - loudly "Baaaah, Baaaah", bird - tweet, tweet, duck - quack, owl - "oooot", dog/puppy - "roof, roof" followed by "hush" (guess she's heard us say that to Jaxon, our dog, one too many times!), cat - meow, shif (for fish) - no sound here :), butterfly, ladybug, turtle, spider followed by "yuk, yuk", and probably some others that I'm forgetting. And thanks to Lance she can also say "foo ball" for LSU football, of course! Last night during dinner, she surprised us with her first three word sentence. Up until now she's been putting two words together to let us know her needs/wants. We were doing the usual "bargaining routine" for dinner to try to get her to eat new foods. I was telling her that "big girls eat their chicken spaghetti" and then I asked her "are you a baby or a big girl?" to which she responded, "I's the baby" followed by "Me a girl" - he, he, he! Of course, I whipped out the camera to get a little moment-caught-in-time video, but it was too late. She was ready to move on to something else :) I'm amazed at how fast kids grow and I find myself thinking, "seems like just yesterday..."
The other day, Grace brought me flowers!!!! Actually, a whole branch :) Noonie said they were on the ground at our neighborhood park and Grace pointed to them, grabbed them, and said "Mama". I'm not quite sure if this story has a little bit of "fairy dust" sprinkled on top via Noonie's love for me, but I LOVE my flowers and the sweet little note that greeted me on that day - thanks Mom!

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Virginia said...

Well, sweetheart: Now that you are a Mommy yourself you can understand the intensity and the depth (never ending!)of maternal love. Isn't it amazing ???!!!
All my love, always, Mom/Noonie