Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sweet Little Pixie

Recipe for a cute pixie picture:

1 part oooey gooey, chubby-cheeked, cute-as-can-be, blue-eyed little pumpkin named Grace (MAIN INGREDIENT)
1 part sweet little outfit by Cammie of My Little Fairytales
1 part "tweet tweet" pretend birdie (aka MAIN INGREDIENT's current obsession)
1 part distractionary silk flower (works great to keep little hands busy)
1 part beautiful location on the grounds of local art gallery
1 part digital camera with fast shoot feature and LOTS of free memory card space (100 frames = 3-5 hard copy keepers)
1 part accomplice, ahem, I mean doting grandma named Noonie willing to pretend to be a bird flying through the air, complete with arm movements (SECRET FLAVOR guaranteed to bring on sweet smiles from MAIN INGREDIENT and belly twitching laughs from last ingredient)
1 part mama with a love of photography, but most of all, an undying love of MAIN INGREDIENT

Combine together, add a dash of humor and persistence, mix in a sprinkling of fairy dust and POOF! you'll get a sweet moment caught in time!

P.S. Everytime I see a fabulous photo of a child taken by a professional photographer, I'm reminded of all it takes to snap that perfect shot and feel a deep sense of respect and admiration for their talents and skills.
P.P.S. Now, if only I could get hubby to understand my photo obsession and why professional photos cost $$$, THAT would be an accomplishment :)


Meandmyboys said...

These are too cute! She is such a good little muse to have :) Emerson's new idea is to say "cheese" when I take a picture but it just makes his mouth look funny in every one! And yes it takes 200-500 pictures to get 5 good ones.
Love the updates

Jessica said...

Hi, Heather!
Grace is confused when she hears people say "cheese" right before a picture since shredded cheese is her favorite food right now. She actually starts looking around to see where the bag of cheese is :)
LOVE the pics of Emerson and Marshall!!

mylittlefairytales said...

She looks so sweet in this set Jessica! I am honored to help dress your darling pumpkin! She is such a little doll!!!!!!!!!!