Sunday, July 20, 2008

Fashion 101

Grace definitely has her own opinion about what she wants to wear...hmmm, I wonder who she gets that from :) Her current obsession is bibs or "beeb, beeb" as she likes to call them. She will grab them and put them on at random times, so long as actual eating is not involved. When eating, she actually tries to rip the bib off the first chance she gets! Here she is wearing a favorite one that stays in her play area - hey, a girl's gotta have a style all her own! Grace loves "itsy bitsy spider" and the hand gestures that go along with it. She gets so excited when we're in the car and I do the motions for her. Today she decided it was HER turn to do the motions. She was so happy that she could do it - I loved seeing how proud she felt of her accomplishment! This afternoon Lance and I took Grace to a local park with fun sprinklers and rainbow shapes. Here she is checking things out (check out those cute jellies - I remember wearing those when I was a little girl :) Okay, I think I'll go check things out. Ouch, the water is coming down really hard! I'm not sure I like this anymore :( Daddy, HELP!! If you see the girls in that last picture, they are rubbing the top of that post and that's what makes the water come out. I thought that was so neat - a little science discovery lesson built right into the park!!! Yesterday, Grace got her first mosquito bites and today her first scraped knee at the park - I guess you can say we have officially entered toddlerhood!

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