Friday, July 25, 2008

Trees...Owls...Love it all!

It's not often that I like an entire collection of anything. I'd rather mix-n-match to get that vintage feel with a modern twist. But when I browsed through the new PBK catalog I received in the mail today, I fell in love with the Brooke Collection! It has the cutest combination of trees, owls, chocolate brown ric rac, cord accents, aqua blue, strawberry pink and green, and fun prints for that modern retro vibe AND it's shown on the Olivia bed - my FAVORITE of all time (okay, except for my antique euro single bed find years ago which I had cut to a twin size, added decorative wood mouldings and painted the sweetest shade of milk glass green - my first furniture refinishing project so it has a special place in my heart)!

I love that it's girlie without having the typical "princess" type look to it. Reminds me of last year's Woodsy Treehouse collection from Gap, which I loved and bought some pieces in anticipation of Grace wearing them this Fall. However, my little pumpkin has had a major growth spurt and none of the pieces fit :( ebay resells here I come! LOL, maybe I can finance my operation that way - he, he, he! And check out this adorable mouse play house - LOVE IT!!!! Makes me think of Grace's pouty lips when she says "mousssh" It's never too early to do a little Christmas shopping, right? Too bad PBK doesn't take gymbucks ;O I'm dreaming of tea parties :) Hmmm...maybe this bedding for when Grace transitions into a twin bed? Which has me thinking, when exactly do kiddos move from a crib to a bed? I figure I've got at least another year, but just curious. Anyone??


Meandmyboys said...

That is so cute! I love the little owl stuffed toys. We are keeping E in his crib until he tries to climb out or around 2 years old. We just know we will lose a lot more sleep when he has the freedom to get up whenever he wants. We have several friends that made the change around 18 months some did great others went back tot the crib :) It is so cute to see the big boy/girl bedding and want to snuggle with them in a twin bed while reading books before bed...I can't wait!
Thanks for sharing,
Hugs Heather

Jenn said...

I just saw that today and LOVE it too! Too bad no one in our house is needing a new room!!

I switched my oldest to a twin bed at 18 months because we needed the crib for #2. I switched the next one to a toddler bed around 18 months and then to a twin bed around 2.5. I think you are safe with the crib until she starts climbing out! Keep her little while you can ;)

take a bow Jenn

TaDa! Creations said...

I love this collection too!! Hmmm...almost as much as the Penelope bedding. I'm thinking those sweet owls will look cute on their beds anyway and some pillowcases would be a fun addition for fall. But I've really been dreaming about some cute blouses and applique jeans to match. ;) Oh and love that little mouse house too. You should definitely tuck that away fro Christmas.

We switched the girls to toddler beds at 2 and got so frustrated because nap times became non-existent and I just wasn't ready for that (neither were they). So we went back to the crib but added the mesh crib tent from Babies R Us. That held us off for another year. We just made the switch to twin beds at 34 mos and nap time is still a struggle and so is bed-time. Oh and they've been getting up at 4:45 am. I am one tired Mama! I say hold off as long as you can, but our troubles could also be because they share a room. So maybe Grace would do just fine.

Emily has been having a difficult time with the transition, last night she took her pillow case off and tried to crawl back into her old bed. She cried and cried to sleep in her old bed. I felt so sad for her. It's gotta get easier with time though.


Jessica said...

Awwww...thanks for all the tips! I think we better stick with close to age 2 (next March). I know if Grace could climb out now she would and we'd probably find her having tea parties with Elmo, "reading itsy" (itsy bitsy spider), or trying to sneak some string cheese!

Angel~ I hope Emily is doing better in her big girl room - it's so pretty! Grace is the same way about change...takes her a bit to let go of the old way (funny, huh? since she's not even 1.5 yrs. old :)


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