Tuesday, September 23, 2008

H E L L O Fall!

Fall is officially here - Yeaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! My favorite time of the year! Crisp air, leaves changing, pumpkins, baking, family gatherings, cozy sweaters, cute boots - Can't wait any longer - I love it all!

Grace checking out her new fall boots :) Time to clean closets and pull out new sweaters in yummy hues of autumn Hi there little owl friend Laughing at something silly Ernie has become Elmo's sidekick at our house Cozy jammies and her beloved owl friend. He's a cutie...find one here! Two of my favorite fall purchases so far! The origin of these two I'm keeping all to myself for now - he, he, he! What can I say, I'm currently in love with hedgehogs, owls, little mushrooms, vintage storybook characters...the list goes on and on! And last, but certainly not least, an ADORABLE pair of jammies that Mimi gave Grace today! Thanks, Mimi - can't wait to see the little pumpkin in them for Halloween. Isn't she the cutest little witchie ever! Happy Fall!


Meandmyboys said...

Is it really warm enough to wear jeans or a sweater? It was 90 degrees here today :( I can't wait for cooler weather. Grace's outfits are super cute, I would expect nothing less from my stylish niece!

Courtney said...

I tagged you!
Cute oufits. Love the orange and brown one too. Can you reveal that one?

Jessica said...

Heather~ Nope :( it's still too warm in the afternoons for sweaters, but last week we had a pleasant little tease from some fall-like weather so I pulled all the fall goodies just to daydream... :) By the way, Grace still goes around talking about Emerson and Marshall ("") - he, he!

Molly's Mom~ I love that brown and orange set. The brown fabric is a soft corduroy and the lace details are great. It's from Etsy boutique Flourishes.

Jenn said...

LOVE this time of year too! Now if it would just cool off enough to wear all those cute things huh!!

take a bow Jenn

Anonymous said...

i love the little outfit with the mushrooms!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love getting to see that little set on Grace! My Miss L wore hers to school this week since it's finally getting cool enough to pull it out.