Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sesame Street

We recently switched from two naps per day to one longer nap right after lunch...which means, Grace is awake for Sesame Street! Knowing how much she loves her Elmo dvd's, I knew she would be excited to watch Sesame Street and see all the characters come to life. I still remember watching Sesame Street as a little kid, complete with the number and letter of the day, so I was really looking forward to seeing her reaction. So on Monday we sat together to check it out. She was too, too funny - SO EXCITED!

What is this???? Mama, it's Big Bird!!!!! Not too sure about Count von Count Yeeaaaay, Elmo!! Such a cutie pie!


Meandmyboys said...

This is such a cute sequence of pictures, you can really see the excitement and wonder in her face!

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