Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Am...

So first, my disclosure: I am not good at following through on tags, email quizzes, or any other sort of chains. So, if you send me one and I don't do it, please don't take offense. I do like to read others' answers though! He, he, he

Anyhow, with it being the end of the year and all, I thought a little self-reflection would do me good, so here it goes...

I am: IT...again!
I have: no idea why I'm doing this rather than being in bed trying to fall asleep.
I had no idea: that pregnancy the second time around would kick my behind so badly.

I Am: tired but not sleepy
I Think: about things and projects way too much
I Know: that my loved ones know how much I love them

I Want: to not feel queasy the rest of this pregnancy
I Have: so much to do before new baby comes this June
I Dislike: waiting in line or in traffic

I Miss: being able to just go away for the weekend at a moment's notice

I Fear: losing my loved ones
I Feel: blessed
I Smell: like the new vanilla almond lotion I received for Christmas
I Crave: big buttery pretzels with cheese dipping sauce, fuji apples, corn pops, mandarin oranges, ginger ale, spicy spicy Chinese food (gotta love those pregnancy cravings!)

I Cry: watching St. Jude infomercials and anything else concerning children these days
I Usually: go grocery shopping on mondays

I Search: for affirmation that I'm following the right path
I Wonder: what I'll think of my life when I look back 50 years from now
I Regret: not taking that trip to Europe senior year

I Love: seeing Grace's smile first thing in the morning

I Care: to raise Grace (and New Baby) to be kind, caring, compassionate, polite, confident, trustworthy and trusting, God-loving individuals
I Always: make sure to kiss, hug, and tell Grace I love her everyday
I Worry: about something happening to me that would prevent me from being there for my family
I Am Not: very patient or good at sewing (hmmm...somehow I think these two must be related)

I Remember: the sound of my grandpa's laughter and the gentleness of my grandma's touch
I Believe: in keeping my promises
I Dance: with Grace to the Sesame Street and Dora tunes
I Sing: mostly in the car and in the shower
I Don't Always: make good use of my time
I Argue: with myself most of all (yikes! this makes me sound delusional :O)

I Write: to give my brain a chance to slow down
I Win: at thumb wrestling with Lance (although he says I cheat by "creating new rules")

I Lose: my keys way too much

I Wish: I could bottle up Grace's squishiness factor forever

I Listen: to my mom
I Don't Understand: how people hurt innocent children every day

I Can Usually Be Found: in Grace's playroom or at target
I Am Scared: of people hurting my family
I Need: to go to bed
I Forget: to water plants

I Am Happy: that God loves me with all my imperfections
I hope: to be as good a mom as my mom and grandma have always been

Here's to 2009, a New Year full of possibilities!


Courtney said...

Happy New Year! Love the post. I might have to do it on my blog.
I need to catch up on all your new posts. I haven't had much time lately to read blogs.

Jessica said...

You should! I'd love to read it :) Happy New Year!!

Virginia said...

Loved reading your list ! I should make one myself...Hmmm...just thinking about the possible answers gets my mind going in so many directions !!!
And... so you know... I think you are a great Mom !!!
Love you, Grace and the coming baby
LOTS !!!