Tuesday, March 30, 2010

easter egg hunt pics...FINALLY!

The long awaited pics!!!!!!!!!! Who needs to hunt for eggs when you can just do this? Got it! What is that? How did it get there? Notice anything about egg selection??? Here, get a closer look. Enjoying the fruits of her labor. Here we go again...where are these things coming from? Why do the work when you can just do this! Okay, I'll share with you but hands off the pink ones! Group Shot Take 1 (by the way I have so many sweet pics of all the gorgeous little ones but I don't feel comfortable posting their pics here since I didn't ask the parents' permission to do so for this blog, just the League's website) Group Shot Take 523!!! Yup, not any better :) Time to take a break and count some eggs! 1...2...3...4...5... Now what? Whatcha got over there??? Egg Head :) Sweet brother and sister Okay, I think I finally figured out this whole egg hunt business. Everyone better watch out! I'm ready for Thursday's egg hunt!! Wishing you...


Meandmyboys said...

Love, Love, Love Hudson's sweet face looking at the eggs and how Grace only went for the pink one's :) Looks like a blast!
Love Heather

Meandmyboys said...
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Mary Beth said...

cute cute cute! I love Grace's pigtails and I am in love with every single outfit you put her in!

Mary Beth said...

and I love Hudson's clothes too! didn't want to leave him out!

TaDa! Creations said...

Looks like so much fun. Hudson is just a doll (Grace too of course). Is he crawling now?

Jessica said...

Heather C.~ Miss you! How are those sweet boys??? Big Big Hugs!

Mary Beth~ Thank you and LOL on "hudson's clothes" :)

Angel~ He's been crawling for a month or two. Just this past saturday he stood up by himself *sniff, sniff* He's growing way to fast :(

Unknown said...

The little boy is so cute with the egg on his head. Heheh. :) It seems like he enjoys playing with all those colorful eggs. By the way, what type of game did the kids play during the Easter egg hunt? Did you just hide the eggs in different places, and the kids just searched for them? Or did you prepare some questions, which, if they answered correctly, you'll give them a hint where the eggs were hidden?

Rosalinda Hone

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