Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the little pumpkin is 3 today!!!

3 years ago on a beautiful Saturday we welcomed our tiny 5 lb. 9 oz. baby girl...a whole month before she was due to enter this world... ...and look at her now! A beautiful, smart, curious, tender, generous bundle of energy all wrapped up in one sweet 3 year old little girl! HAPPY 3rd BIRTHDAY, GRACE!!! What a fun day we had! We started out with a princess crown wake-up call... then a special breakfast of Krispy Kreme donuts and Strawberry milk (can I say Sugar HIGH!). I'd planned to take Grace to the park but the weather was a bit unpredictable and when I asked her what she wanted to do today she didn't skip a beat and said Chuck E. Cheese!

So after taking some fun pictures, we headed to C.E.C for lunch. Luckily Lance was able to get away from work and joined us for all the fun. Even Noonie joined us for lunch... ...and later helped me cut out a million scraps of fabric for THE.CUTEST.BIRTHDAY. HATS.EVER. Yes, I'm biased :) but I love how they turned out!
But before we could leave Chuck E. Cheese, we had a very important business to tend to... Hope that was a good wish! The pumpkin loved her chocolate cake. Then after Daddy got home from work we opened a few birthday gifts. Check out her expression on this one: Candy Land! A rite of passage, I think! :)

And on to one more fun present...Strawberry Wellies!!! I think it's safe to say......she liked them! May all your wishes come true, little pumpkin! We love you!!! XOXO,
Daddy, Mama & Hudson


Heather L. said...

Happy birthday, Grace!!! What a fun day you guys had!

And you are right, those ARE the cutest birthday hats ever! Where did you get that red trim for the bottom? Too cute. Did you make them for everyone at the party? I made one for Carter's party, but only one LOL - everyone else had plain ones =)

Thanks for sharing the sweet pictures - so glad you guys had a fun day!

Amber said...

Happy Birthday Grace!!!

Love everything in this post :) Grace's dress and of course the cute shoes...hehe (I must ask the brand since they would be too cute for Reese on Easter). Your wrapping skills are great! And, I love the birthday hats! Oh, and the whellies too but then again I love anything with strawberries on it!

TaDa! Creations said...

Happy Birthday Grace!

What a fun-filled day you all had celebrating your sweet pumpkin. Emily was just having fun scrolling through all the photos and she now wants those wellies and a Birthday hat. LOL Oh, and you should seriously think about doing a Birthday hat tutorial. I'd love to see how you made yours. And that cherry wrapping paper is just the cutest!!!

You are such a fun Mama! I can't wait to see all the sweet pics from this Saturday. Are you getting excited?

Jessica said...

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, ladies!

Heather~ I bought the pleated ribbon trim at Hobby Lobby and yes, I was nutso and made one for every child attending the party - 3 different for the girls, one for the boys, and one for Grace :) I'll have more pictures up on Saturday after the party!
P.S. So glad to hear Carter's party was so much fun! I want to see pics!!! ;)

Amber~ We love those shoes. She's had them for over a year and we've gotten lots of wear out of them. The brand is L'amour. We bought them locally, but here's a link to a store that sells them online:

Angel~ The birthday hat was super easy and turned out so cute. Although I will admit that making 17 of them sure makes me flex down on my quality standards :O I'll put up a mini tutorial soon.

The wellies (and a matching rain coat) are from the OshKosh Outlet store - super cute and a great price too!

I love that wrapping paper too! I got it at Target years ago and used the last of my stash for her birthday...yup, cherries for the strawberry birthday, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Grace! She's getting so big!

Jessica said...

Thanks Mary! And yes BOO to the getting big part :) Just recently I've really started noticing her baby fat disappearing. In its place - long slender arms and legs BOO HOO.