Thursday, March 18, 2010

gentle giant

These snapshots were taken on our way back home from a mini work trip/combined family trip to Noonie & Papa J's...all with my old camera so pay no attention to the quality of the pics.

First off - this little guy is getting SO BIG so quick!!! He's almost 9 months *sniff, sniff* and has little interest in baby food, but bring on tiny bites of table food and he's H-A-P-P-Y! Hudson is 100% boy. No gentle exploring around here. He likes to go full speed ahead banging his little hands on whatever new toy rolls his way. I've been working on teaching him the phrase "gentle, gentle" and rubbing his little hand softly against my face as I say the words. I can now say the words and he will sometimes follow along with the gesture. Here he is practicing on Grace. I love those chubby little hands!!!

And here are the littles just being themselves. LOVE. They're such good little travelers! I love taking them on the road! Thank you Mom/Noonie for helping me out!

And now that we're home, I have a new
sUpER cUte laundry assistant. Sure makes the pile of laundry much more enjoyable :)


Sweet P Preston said...

Sweet P LOVES doing laundry. He will take the lint trap in and out, in and out, again and again. He started doing this early and still likes to do it. He also likes to help put a new trash bag in the trash can. They are such good little helpers.

Jessica said...

They're so funny! I think the dryer door kept him busy for a full 15 minutes - unheard of around these parts!!! I'll have to try out the trash can - HA, HA