Wednesday, March 16, 2011

rainbows & shamrocks and so much more!

With all the birthday festivities I've been behind in posting about some of the fun school activities the little pumpkin has been involved in.

Have I mentioned how much I love her program and her teachers? This week is Teacher Appreciation Week at her school, so a huge shout out to her AMAZING teachers Mrs. Bryan and Mrs. Peterson!!! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do - your knowledge and creativity amaze me day after day.

Some fun pictures...

Each child was given a little green strawberry basket to take home and transform into a leprechaun house. We had fun with this one! Grace insisted hers have a dragon outside "to protect the leprechaun house". The dragon "spits out big fire balls anytime anyone other than the little leprechaun comes in".
Some creative adults - not me! - decided after Grace's dragon comment that we needed to rig the leprechaun house so that it would go up and down. Enter a straight pin and some fishing line. Do you think the adults had more fun than the little pumpkin??? HA! Oh, and we didn't have any gold coins around so we had to paint large confetti sprinkles - thank goodness for a fully stocked baker's pantry!Last week's unit was on the weather so the littles had a chance to tour a local tv station and learn all about the weather from a meteorologist. :) The field trip was on Grace's and her classmate Emma's birthday - what fun! Later they showed their class picture during the 6 o'clock broadcast and since we had the grandparents over at our house for birthday cake we all got to see Grace & her friends on the news! Grace's class goes on LOTS of field trips - I love that they get to learn by doing hands-on activities. One of the best field trips was to Walmart of all places! Yes, Walmart! It was during their Health & Human Body unit last month and the Pharmacy Manager arranged it so that his wife, a local cardiologist, gave the littles a presentation right there in the store. And guess what she brought??? A REAL HUMAN HEART! They gloved up and each had a chance to touch it. Isn't that amazing??? Now, my bachelor's degree was in Biological Sciences and I never had a chance to dissect a real human heart! Frogs, sheep, dogs...but never a human heart. Neat-o!And finally, a trip to Lowe's a couple of weeks ago to test their building skills! Who knew Lowe's could be such a fun place!School sure has changed since I was little!

Don't forget your gReeN tomorrow! *wink*


Unknown said...

I´ve said it before but I´m saying it again..Your daughter has the most amazing teachers taking them to all those fieldtrips and organizing amazing activities at school! I´m sure the kids can´t wait to go to school every morning. I would love to be a kid again and participate too :)

Louley's Belles said...

Yeah, uh, not all school's get to do all of that! She is definitely at one of the finest!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, fun times at school!! Isn't it amazing how you can turn some of the smallest things into a learning experience?! I have lots of Lowe's Build and Grow's from my son that he has done over the years. One particular one is a turkey recipe box for Thanksgiving, he painted it after it was finished. Every year we have each written down what we are thankful for. It is so much fun to go back and read them each year:)

Please tell Grace we all thought her trap was great!!

Queen of Good Intentions said...

Grace must have the best teachers in the world. I am very impressed!!