Saturday, July 28, 2012

the crafty gene.

Yup, I'm pretty sure she got that one from me.

Yesterday she asked me if she could borrow some of the party hats in the dining room craft room, if she could have one of the cupcake liners we had for the 4th of july, and if she could have a pom pom from the craft cabinet.

A little while later she told me to close my eyes and come to her room for a very special surprise. I'm so glad I had my phone with me or I would have missed these precious moments...
Why, it was Coco's birthday!
Check out her custom Lulu & Co. hat...he he he. LOVE!
She made confetti to sprinkle around..."to make it festive, mama!"
But this. This is priceless.  Take a look at her checklist!!! You think she's seen me plan a party or two?? HA! I mean, take a look! She has the guest list, the theme, the entertainment, the party sign, the music, the food, and of course, the party hats!! She is her mother's daughter, that's for sure.
Hudson was invited to the party but he refused to wear a girly party hat. Grace offered him his Gruffalo birthday hat but he still refused. So he got kicked out. Feelings hurt, he stomped on her list in anger. Then he went and found his frog wellies, superhero cape, and alligator hat...and came back to "scare all the party guests away". Those two. They make my life so sweet.
This was the best, best, BESTEST "candy store" party ever, Grace!
Thank you for inviting me. write those thank-you notes ;)


Angel said...

so precious....

Virginia said...

This post is precious !
Dear Grace: I'm sorry I missed Coco's birthday party. Maybe we can throw her an extra little party when I see you next wednesday. All the goodies in your party looked yummy!
Love, Noonie

The Plum Verbena said...

Long time reader, first time commenting. How can I not comment on this!? That is the cutest thing ever!! Definitely takes after her Mom!

Lindsey said...

love it!!! I love Hudson's reaction.

Erika said...

Oh, how adorable is this! Love the planning!

Carrie said...

That checklist is so precious! I would def. be keeping it to show her again when she plans her wedding someday or some other special occ.!

Ashleigh said...

The checklist is tioooo much! So glad I got to see Hudson in his party crashing outfit although I did feel bad for Grace! EG kept asking me why Hudson got kicked out!!!

Jessica said...

Hi, Taylor - nice to "meet" you! :)

Thank you all for the sweet comments - yes, I'm definitely keeping this one!!! :)

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