Monday, July 16, 2012


I'm slowly making my way through Grace's outgrown can find new resells here:

Strawberry Wellies and Dinosaurs

I'm posting them as time allows, so this is it for today.
Hopefully more in the coming days.


Lori Beth said...

Yay! I was just stocking your page trying to see where you bought Grace's 1st day of school outfits! :). I've been on etsy for days trying to find something like it. :)) if either one is for sale I want! I'll be checking back and crossing my fingers. :)

Jessica said...

Hi, Lori Beth,
Grace's 1st day of school outfit last year (K4) was by babe-a-gogo:

Her 1st day of school outfit from K3 was from TaDa! Creations. Angel is no longer selling her designs, but you can check her blog here:

Grace can still fit in both so we're hanging on to them a bit longer.

I have a few more resells to list and hopefully will get some of them posted today and tomorrow.

Hope you're having a great Summer!