Monday, August 27, 2012

chalkboard love, third year ballet, and R2D2

I love chalkboards and I love big chunky wood frames so when Poppy Tree Frames added a chalkboard insert to their repertoire I had to give in and order the robin's egg blue frame I'd had my eye on forever...
I ordered it about a month ago and I'd hoped to have it in for our back-to-school shoot but alas it was worth the wait. This is my first attempt at sizing it out so don't laugh at my word spacing...I sure love the sentiment though!
Today is the start of the little pumpkin's third year of ballet lessons. Someone is super excited and maybe just a tad bit nervous at joining a little bit older age group.
And with the new class, a new addition...jazz shoes!
As I was pulling out her new leotard and skirt out of her armoire, this little picture caught my, oh my, it sure seems like only yesterday...
...and look at her now!
Grace, 5 yr. 5 mo.
ThANk YoU for your comments and emails about our new fish's name. I had to follow my heart and we now have {for our yet unpurchased fish} a new name: R2D2. Yes, someone is into Star Wars thanks to his beloved Legos.
Off to make {this} family favorite for dinner.
Happy Monday!


Unknown said...

That chalkboard frame is so pretty!! I want one :) I am going to go check them out now.
And that little ballerina outfit is so adorable!

Olivia said...

I love the chalkboard and I've always thought you have such pretty writing!!

Landscape of our Life said...

I love looking at your blog! Cute back to school party. I was just curious... did you use chalk or something else on the chalkboard? (I had to check out them out too!)


Ashley said...

sweet little ballerina!! glad the fish name all worked out!;) also...what size is your frame?? I love everything about it + your writing!! too cute!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies! I'm lovin' my new chalkboard/frame!! :)

Here are the details on the chalkboard:
Poppy Tree Frames
Style: Harmony
Size: 16x20"
Color: Robin's Nest

As far as the chalk...
I used regular 'ole chalk from the littles' art supplies! The trick is to wet the chalk as you're writing...I just used a little bowl of water and dipped the chalk as I went along. The wet chalk works almost like using pastels. It glides over the chalkboard and when it dries it brightens and stays put much better than dry chalk. I learned this trick from my friend Angel, who made a gorgeous chalkboard for her niece's first birthday. Check it out here: said...

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