Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hudson's First Day of K3 Preschool!

And suddenly it's here...the day I've been thinking about and not really looking forward to...sending my baby off to Preschool.
He was all smiles. Sooooo excited. Handled it like a pro. Me, on the other hand...I felt that all too familiar lump in the back of my throat...but I fought back the tears.
He decided his new shoes {adorable little closed-toe fisherman sandals} were hurting his feet, so off he went in too-small summer sandals...but happy, and that's what counts, right?!  I mean, look at that sweet baby face!  He's got me wrapped around his little finger, I know.
He loves his backpack...
"It's a goofy, googly-eyed monster, mama!"
Oh, that sweet little part baby, one part big boy...I know, I know, more big boy than baby, but don't burst my bubble, okay?
I made these little treats so he could share them with his K3 Fish Class buddies...
Printable via {here}.  I think the sample showed swedish fish gummies, but I like it better with goldfish crackers...
"I'm glad we're in the same school."
I asked him twice...baker it is!
{Hmmmm...I think someone remembered {his sister's answer}!}
No, mama, I really WANT to be a Chef Listentino on Noodleboro!
Aaaah...a pizza it!
I want to get those crayons in there...
Yes, more {alphabet flowers}...with a little twist.
I ran out of magnet letters/numbers just as I was getting ready to call it a night. Luckily, I remembered a couple of new crayon boxes from {Hudson's birthday party favors}, so in went the crayons!
First homework assignment: A picture of me, my family, my pets, my summer vacation...
...and lots of my favorites!
Checking out his new school...
Finding his classroom...
K3 Fish Room!
Wait, did someone say there's a playroom you can wait in???
I love this place!
I found my name!
I can do it all by myself.
These are for you, Mrs. Sandy...
Fish Class buddies...
Hi, Mrs. Kelli...
Stuffing his lunchbox in his new cubbie...
A Lego table...this place keeps getting better and better!!!
Making new friends...
{love the homemade gingerbread playdough!}
You do it just like this, Daddy.
Sweet smooches for mama...
...and big hugs for Daddy!
And when I went to pick him up...snoozing!
As were all of his classmates!!  Wow!
Here's what he told me in between bites of dino-shaped gummies on the car ride home...
- I went pee pee in the potty 3 times.
- I met a girl named Maddie.  Not my same Maddie, but another girl named Maddie.  She's nice.
- My teacher saved my brownie for me in my lunchbox.
- I played on the Pirate Ship (playground).  An ant got on my leg.  It was okay though.  No big deal.
- I had fun in the Fish room. 

Dear Hudson,
We knew you were more than ready for this big step, even if it's hard for Mama to wrap her mind around her baby going to Preschool!  

Daddy and I loved to see how excited you were this morning, checking everything out and making new friends even before we left your new classroom.  I'm so excited you had a great day!

I pray that God will nurture your little heart and mind this year in ways we can't even imagine yet.

Your teachers are getting such a treat...I know you will soon shower them with your amazing hugs.

I'm super excited to go to Chapel with you on Wednesdays and to attend all your special programs.

Daddy and I love you more than words can say.


Kelsey said...

Ohhhh... I sent my baby on the 20th, and I had to hold back the tears until I was outside. So bittersweet isn't it!?

Virginia said...

Oh,Hudson! You look like a big boy in those pictures! I am so glad that you had a great 1st day of pre-K3!I know that you will have lots of fun with your new friends and learn a lot this year.May God bless and keep you safe each and every day.
All my love, Noonie

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