Saturday, December 1, 2012

Animal Kingdom & Downtown Disney {Disney Day 3}

On our third day we woke up bright & early and headed to Animal Kingdom...
I think I forgot to mention these "if lost" bracelets in my other posts, but my dear friend Angela who was there with her family at the same time we were, made these for the littles.  The bracelets have your cell phone number (blocked out in pic for privacy reasons) and I just think they are a great idea!!  No one wants to think of getting separated from little ones in a crowded place like Disney, but you just never know!! Thank you, Angela!!
We had been told the safari was better in the morning since the animals were usually awake and alert, so as soon as we arrived at Animal Kingdom, we headed straight for the Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition in the Harambe Wildlife Reserve...
Right after our open-air safari {super fun by the way!}, the littles spotted the drums...
The drummer was so very nice and really took some time with the littles. They loved it!
This picture cracks me up!! Look at Hudson!! He was sooooo not sure about Rafiki...sort of like, "Who's that monkey and what's he doing breathing down by back??!!"  HA!!!
Disney pin!
Hands-on learning at Conservation Station...
Affection Section at Rafiki's Planet Watch...
Time for lunch at Tusker House!
Family pic!
We did a ton of character meals while at Disney, but my littles just loved way to meet a lot of characters without having to stand in long meet-n-greet lines.
Musical instruments...parade...let's go, Hudson! C'mmon!
Check out that sweet mac-n-cheese covered little face on Hudson! he he he
Well, hi there Daisy!
I think Hudson ate his weight in these little chocolate desserts!!
Hi, Goofy!
{If I smile really fast, can I have more dessert?}
The Tree of Life!
Can you spot her????
{This lady was on stilts and completely covered in leaves. Every so often, she would just inch up behind someone and after being still for the longest time, she would move and it would freak them out!!}
After this we rode Kali's River Rapids and we got SOAKED!!!  Especially me!  No pictures while on the ride because I was too worried my camera would get ruined.  But the littles LOVED it, especially Grace.  She had everyone in our raft dying with her funny comments.

Drying out while enjoying Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade...
A few more adventures and it was time to take a break. "Disney tired" deserves its own category in the dictionary!!!
No worries though. As soon as we got back to our hotel and the word "Mickey Mail" entered the picture they were ready to go again!
A little break {and a shower and blow-dry for me!} and we were ready for Downtown Disney!
First stop: T Rex!
We wanted to eat at T Rex {think Rainforest Cafe}, but with a 1 1/2 hour wait at 7:30p it just wasn't happening.
Consolation prize...
Loooove the Snow White built out of Legos!!
We made it back to our hotel super late..........I think both littles were asleep as soon as we sat down on the shuttle bus!  Such a loooooooong day, but so much fun!!


Ashleigh said...

I know at this point, you are ready to be DONE posting your Disney pics......but keep them coming! Love them!

Lindsey said...

I love all of your Disney posts!! They are fabulous!

Jessica said...

Thanks girls!!! :)

Lori Beth said...

Hey Jessica, loving the Disney post(a little late). I love all the pictures! We are excited to leave for our first WDW trip with littles in 2 weeks. I bought my son the same Mickey jacket AND green Mickey shirt! :) I love your littles Disney wear! Super cute as always! I do have a question for you... How long were your shuttle bus rides? I've read anywhere from 20 mins to an hr. Just trying to schedule our mid-day breaks and accommodate time. We are staying at Art of Animation, not sure where you stayed, but you mentioned bus ride. Thank you. :)