Saturday, December 22, 2012

Bake Day {2012}

One of my very favorite Christmas traditions is our annual Bake Day.
This year's cookies were a big, gigantic fLoP {no seriously!}, but the memories made bring such a joy to my heart. I love spending this time with my mom and the littles...and this year even Lance got in on the action for a short bit!!
Let the mess fun begin!
I . want . thAT . EGG!!!
Ahhh, Noonie...I think there's something wrong with this mix... patient. Seriously, soooo patient.  Somehow I think 99% of that trait skipped me.
In her element!
The little pumpkin LOvEs to bake!!
Joy. Pure joy.
You can just see how much they love her... Lucky littles. Lucky me!
Mama's turn!
Clumps. Big chunky clumps.
My sweet loves.
Working hard!  He was reaaally into it this year!
Come help me, Noonie...pleeease!
Little Miss Personality...
Future surgeon??
I want to do it just like this, Noonie...
Her creativity never ceases to amaze me!
My sweet little pumpkin...
{and a little Duck Dynasty in the background - ha!}
This picture melts my heart!
Let's see if the sugar cookies turn out any better...
Next year I'm using a proven recipe...and chilling the dough...and winning the royal icing battle...and...
These hands = LOVE!
Time to decorate!
This MY cookie!
{so proud of his cookie - love him!}
Noonie's cookie!
Grace's cookie...
Oh my!
Be still my heart...
Mama's cookie!
Noonie even talked Lance into decorating one! Yay!
Daddy shananigans!!
Daddy and the littles...showing off his Chewbacca cookie! :)
I want to remember them little like this forever...
So proud of their creations!!
Well on the way to a sugar high...
I feel blessed beyond measure to share my life with these sweet, genuine, amazing little and big people!
Noonie - 61, Mama - 34, Grace - 5, Hudson - 3 {december, 2012}

And with that, we wrapped up another Bake Day!
I pray your holidays are filled with memory-making moments...big, small, silly, crazy, loud, happy moments.