Monday, December 3, 2012

Epcot! {Disney Day 5}

Yes, even I'm getting tired of Disney posts - hahahaha! But bear with me for a couple of more days and I'll get it all wrapped up! I know I'll be glad that I included the photos here when I print the blog as a book at the end of the year :)

Bright and early on a cHiLLy, wInDY day to visit Epcot!
Mama, take our picture by Bambi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Classic Epcot pic...and two littles who were over pics already!
First up: Mission Space!
{sorry, for the crazy phone pics, it was dARK in there!!}
Grace and I went first and then Lance went with her again...Hudson was a smidgen too short - boo!
{the girl team loved it...Daddy, not so sure}

But you know what I love?? I love that Disney has super fun waiting areas for little ones to pass the time!!
To infinity...and beyond!
Pretty girl...and pretty flowers!  I want Disney's landscapers to come work on my backyard...
Hudson was NOT a big fan of any rides in the dark...other than Star Wars, that is!! ;)
While the little pumpkin waited in line to meet more princesses, Hudson............................... yup, that's my silly boy!
Silly littles! Love 'em!
Mary Poppins!
One posing and one doing the potty dance...ha!
The littles are crazy about chopsticks and hibachi grills so lunch at Teppan Edo in the Japan Pavillion it was...
Grace has such a sensitive heart...
"You know I bet the people that work at the restaurants would like to have people take their picture, not just the princesses."
This sweet girl loved Grace asking to have her picture taken with her that she made her an origami crane {or was it a swan??!}
LOVE these gardens!!
And the shops, oooooh, the shops!!!  AdORabLE!!!
Soooo chilly even the princesses had to wear their capes!
{guess who decided she needed a cape too?? he he he}
Belle was pretty smitten by the funny things the little pumpkin was telling her...
New BFFs!
We ran into our friends again at Epcot and Hudson and Will couldn't get enough of each other!  They both perked up right away when they saw each other and were like two peas in a pod...
You have NO IDEA the number of bribes involved in getting this picture...
{Will-4, Julien-6, Grace-5 and Hudson-3}
Off to buy those promised snacks...first stop:  German Pavilion {for Lance}!
The line at was sooooo LoNG at Karamell-Kuche!!
So fun to watch them make the caramels and drizzle them on eVeRYthInG!
Caramel covered milk chocolate bar with Sea die for!!
Dinner at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall...
I LOVE this photo. In my eyes, this is what Disney is all about for little girls!!
One super excited and one so over princesses!  Poor fella!
I love how personable the princesses all were...they really took time to visit with each child and comment on something special about each one.
By now the little pumpkin was a pro at all these parades...even if she acted a bit shy, she loved every minute of it!
$15 bucks well spent (?)...a little something to distract Hudson so he could make it through dinner...yup, it's a souvenir cup with a glowing Buzz that attaches to your drink straw.
Oh, I love this!! When she saw Snow White, she just ran and gave her the biggest hug!! I really think we took Grace to Disney at just the right time. Old enough to enjoy it and be able to keep up and little enough to be in awe of all the princesses and believe all the magic...
Hudson decided Snow White was A-OK when she knew how to knock & explode hands! ha!
Oh, her favorite princess...seeing how giddy she got everytime Ariel came around was just too cute.
Hudson must have decided Ariel was the prettiest because he blew her a kiss!! Oh, my!
Another reason why I gained 2 lbs. in the 8 days we were there!!!!!!
One happy girl!
Good-bye Epcot!
Hello, Mickey Mail!
A Little Mermaid floating princess bath toy for Grace...
...and Legos for Hudson!
I'm telling you, Mickey Mail saved our behind. Not only did it help with the "gimmes", but at the end of the day when the littles were about to fall apart from tiredness, we would say, "Hmmm...I wonder if we'll have Mickey Mail??!" and they would perk right up. Sure made leaving parks a lot easier!

Next up...some of my very favorite pictures from the littles' makeovers!!


Nicole said...

I started following your blog when I found your North Pole breakfast on pinterest. So precious! I have loved following your Disney trip too. We just got back from our very first visit in September. Already wanting to go back this September. Your family is precious and it looks like you had an amazing time!

Jenelle Morgan said...

I am absolutely loving your disney posts! Living in Australia it is a very long expensive trip to disneyworld so I am living through your blog posts until my babies are at an age that makes the trip worthwhile. Love all the photos, your littles are adorable. Thank you for sharing your memories xxx

Hayden said...

I am loving your Disney posts! Looks like your littles had a great time in Epcot! We have ADR's for dinner at Akershus for our upcoming trip. Did you think Epcot had enough for children under age 6 to do?

Jessica said...

Awwww...thank you all for the sweet comments!!

Jenelle~ you are so right! Disney can be quite $$$ but it is so worth it. We also timed it so that we could go at a time when we felt our littles would be old enough to appreciate it, but still little enough to really feel it was all "magical" :)

Hayden~ Magic Kingdom was hands down our littles' favorite park, followed by Hollywood Studios. They both liked Epcot, my daughter a bit more than my son. Dinner at Akershus Palace was a lot of fun and the food was yummy too!