Monday, December 17, 2012

brings joy to my heart...

Grace, age 5:
We were in art and Mrs. B asked us to think about all the holiday songs and draw a picture of our favorite song. I chose Silent Night...
Grace:  I sound spelled it too! You see... Silet Niet, Holy Niet
Me: But you know how to spell "night"...
Grace: Yes, I know n-i-g-h-t, but I sound spelled it "ni-et"

I think I have very big mixed feelings about all this sound spelling business! But hey, can you tell we're in the South? Ni-et  he he ;)

One last thing...
Jennifer C.~ I feel so badly that we were such a mess when you approached us at Target!!  Two littles in bad moods melting rapidly, an exasperated mama, and a "kid-friendly" shopping buggy that was anything but.  Aaaah!  You on the other hand, were so kind and sweet.  So nice to meet you!  Wish I could rewind time or ask for a raincheck! *blush*  Thank you for making me feel better by sharing your own perspective of shopping with littles in tow!



Queen of Good Intentions said...

I love knowing that I wasn't the only one to approach you in target- hee hee- too bad we can't have a blog meet up playdate in target- hee hee!! Looove the night story... my 5 year old wants to know why we don't spell cow- cao...yep definately the south! I am still giggling over it!

Jennifer Campbell said...

I didn't even realize that you were having a bad time when I said hello. I was just happy to meet you in person. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Your family is so precious!

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

I always look forward to reading your posts, but one last week really stood out in my mind and my heart. You wrote that we should ask our children what they're GIVING for Christmas instead of what they're GETTING for Christmas. What a wonderful thought that is!

As a 4th grade teacher in Alabama, I decided to change up my typical December writing prompt of "What I Want for Christmas" to "What I'd Like to Give for Christmas" We wrote a three paragraph essay about who we would want to give the gift to, what we would give, and why we would give it. I was blown away by the precious words that were written. Thanks for the encouraging words that inspired this teacher to tweak her lesson plan!

Kelly said...

Her picture is so cute, especially her spelling. I do just about anything to not shop with my little you're braver than me and trust me, all parents have had "a shopping experience".
Kelly at Little Wonders' Days

Jessica said...

Thank you all for helping me feel better about our "shopping experience"...I have to say, I haven't taken them both out shopping together for more than 15 minutes since - ha!!

Kathryn~ I'm late posting has been kinda tough latelyl...but when I read your comment, you totally MADE MY DAY!! I'm so glad you found a little inspiration from my blog and that you were able to use it with your students! I bet the essays were awesome!! :)


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