Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hollywood Studios...a fun day for our little guy! {Disney Day 4}

By our fourth day at Disney, we were finally into the swing of things, but not having naps was starting to wear on our little fella. Thankfully, this proved to be a super fun day for Hudson!

Power breakfast and we were ready to go!
Hollywood Studios!
Our travel agent had recommended we go straight to Toy Storia Mania {yes, do it, do it!!} and boy, do I wish we would have! We got sidetracked by Voyage of The Little Mermaid {cute!!  Hudson got scared though...} and by the time we got to Toy Story, the wait time was 90 min with no fast passes. Yikes!  We had to make a little detour and go straight to the character meet-n-greet.

Fun times while waiting in line...
Mama, I wish Dumbo could sign my book.
{a girl after my own heart!}
And then it was our turn...It's Buzz!
Hudson gave Woody the biggest hug. And the look of awe on his face? Priceless!
So funny how he's looking out of the corner of his eye too!
Okay, no clue how this guy kept the stretchy face mask on the whole time {I would die!  claustrophobia!!!} but check out Hudson!! he he he
Pretty fountain...
Love these fun sets!
It's Jake!
And Handy Manny!
Having a blast at a make-shift street party...
Time for the Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun parade!
Love his expression when he saw the Toy Story float...
Love all the fountains!
Lunch at Mama Melrose's...yum!
Me and my girl :)
Sometimes you have to be siLLy to pass the time...
...while you're hUNgrY and waiting for your food!
Beauty and the Beast...looooooove!
But when the Beast came out, Hudson checked out. Poor little guy. I think being tired, plus it being so loud scared him too death :( Lance took him outside while Grace and I finished watching the show...
Such a great show!!
Star Tours!  Now this one Hudson was crazy about!!
My two favorite guys in the whole wide world!
And then he found this little Christmas Yoda. It was love at first sight. He held on to that little stuffie the rest of our trip - so sweet!
Can you spot the Tower of Terror at the end of the street? Lance and Grace went on it, while Hudson and I sat it out since he was 0.5 inches too short to ride - boo!
We watched part of Fantasmic {fun!} but by this time Hudson was too tuckered out, so we left before the show was over and headed to our hotel.
Of course, as soon as we got to our hotel, he caught a second wind...
And then there was Mickey Mail...
A Cinderella watch for the little pumpkin...
...and Pete the Cat Saves Christmas for Hudson!
I hope you had a super fun time at Hollywood Studios, Hudson!!
You too my little pumpkin!
I know your Daddy and I did!


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