Wednesday, February 13, 2013

~love bugs~

I dropped off a very happy 3 year old little boy this may or may not have had anything to do with these...
Printable via {here} / Idea via {here}

He was soooo cute! Asked me if I thought the girls would like his valentine treats. Grace came to the rescue and said, "Of course! Sour gummy worms are THE best." Thank you, big sis! 

Oh, and I had to add a little chevron love in the form of tape to the's the little things...
I tweaked the treats a's how I made mine:
1.  Cut brown cardstock down to 4" wide x 4.5" tall and stick that inside a clear treat bag (Target party section).
2.  Print the mason jars on Avery full-sheet labels and cut around the jar.  Also cut a circle out of the middle of the jar (I used tiny seamstress scissors).
3.  Peel the labels and stick on the outside of the baggies.
4.  Fill with sour gummy worms (3 of the regular packs at Target filled 12 treats).
5.  Fold over the bag and secure with washi tape, stickers or whatever you have on hand! 

Yesterday, the littles were inundated with valentine love from their grandmas!!
First up, Mimi!

This silly boy with his green tongue sure keeps us on our toes!!
ThANk yOU, MiMI!!!

Later, Noonie came over. She brought us baked rice - yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! It's like fried rice, but baked and IT.IS.SO.GOOD!!! Don't let "baked" fool's still not a healthy dish...has enough butter to make Paula Deen proud.  But it is so worth the calories - HA!  I asked Noonie to stay over for dinner {made of our family faves, along with a green salad to make *me* feel like we were eating healthy - hahahaha}.

Noonie also brought valentine goodies for the littles...
So silly...always doing something funny!! ThANk yOU, NooNIe!!!
Grace declared she had a present for me and I had to sit with my eyes closed and hold out my hands...she "wrapped" it in the puzzle box Mimi gave her...
She made a little paper doll portrait of me!!!
Gifts from the heart are absolutely the best - NOTHING compares!
{and check out the doll...apparently, I like to stand with my hands on my hips - ha!!!}
Lance has been at a work function the last couple of days.  He was only gone for 1 night, but we miss him!  We're excited he comes home tonight so we can celebrate Valentine's Day and his birthday!! Papa J's too! It's a week of celebrations!!


Amber said...

Love the chevron tape!!! And those xoxoxo pics melt my heart for sure! I love that you can see the love shine through your little ones. You, my friend, are doing something right :)

Jessica said...

Thank you, sweet friend!