Thursday, February 21, 2013

picture day at school and a fun little hat

Grace had spring pictures at school today. I picked out a couple of outfits...all dresses without ruffle pants of any kind...and let her pick out the one she wanted to wear. You know how she can't stand pants!! I figured this way she might smile bigger (???) We'll see. But here's what she picked out...fUn!!
Hudson could care less about pictures, but if big sister is getting her picture taken, he runs and says, "Take my picture, I'm ready!" and jumps right in the middle of it all. Love him!! Of course, I still can't get him to look at me and smile 99% of the time - ha!! Oh, and no school pics for him today, this was just a comfy outfit :))))
And this is a little sneak peek for you, Rachel. I hope you love it!! It should arrive at your doorstep tomorrow Friday!
Oh, and a new development around here...more soon!


Jaclyn said...

so sweet! can you share where you got those sweet yellow shoes with the bow?

Jessica said...

Thanks! The shoes are Joyfolie!! :)