Saturday, March 16, 2013

bunnies + secret gardens

We went for our annual bunny pics this morning and on the way back snapped a couple of sweet ones even though the azaleas are not in full bloom yet...
Sweet girl...
Such a silly goose!
I tried to get a couple of shots of both of them, but it wasn't happening today...
I guess they were all "pictured out" after the bunnies...
I did manage to snap these next two that make my heart smile. This was the last pic I took as we were headed back to our car.  She was hiding behind a tree and didn't see me turn around. 

She had bent down to pick another flower that was already on the ground...we had talked earlier about not picking flowers, but I had told them they could each have one of the ones that had already fallen off the bush.  Later she told me she was trying to decide which one to keep...Love how she's lost in the moment...
And I love this sweet one of my littles, almost as if they are ready to explore a Secret Garden...
Have I mentioned how Spring is my favorite time of the year???


Virginia said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!
I love the last 3 ones!

Virginia said...
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Kelli said...

So sweet! I love the past picture.

... said...

I love the last very sweet... We are using that dress for Easter.

Rebecca and Lori said...

Such pretty pictures!


. said...

beautiful pictures!

Unknown said...

So sweet! My girls had bunny/chick pix on saturday! My soon to be six year old wanted nothing to do with the bunny or chicks. Thank goodness big sister (15) she was in the session too so she held the bunny! All about the pix! Lol

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Meaghan said...

Adorable! Are those taken on a camera or phone? And where is Hudson's adorable tie from!
Happy Easter!

Jessica said...

Thanks ladies!

I purchased Hudson's tie from the local Junior League market show several years ago - no tag inside...sorry :(

And photos are a combination of iphone pics and camera (Canon XSi) pics :)

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