Thursday, April 25, 2013

Earth Day Fun {a couple of days late!}

I never made it back on {Monday} to post these pics from the little pumpkin's Earth Day celebration at school, but I wanted to record them here for our "scrapbook"!

I made these fun dirt cup snacks and they were a hit with all the littles!
In case you want to DIY...
I used clear plastic cups from Target {$3 and some change for 24} inside disposable mini planters from Dollar Tree {$1 for 12} then just layered chocolate pudding {4 large Jell-O packets made 22 cups, filled 3/4 of the way full}, and crushed oreos, minus the cream {1 1/2 packages made enough "dirt" for 22 cups} and finally topped it off with dum-dum lollie "flowers" and a few friendly gummy worms {both from Target}.  You could easily print flowers if you have a cricut or the like, but I just bought a tin of them in the scrapbooking section of Michaels {$3}.  They were perfect for the look I wanted!

{Savannah's mom} got these super cute water bottles for all the Whale Kids in Grace and Savannah's class.  I LOVE the vinyl stickers she added!!  They were even cuter before I blurred the teacher's name and school, but you get the idea.  And they'll come in extra handy on Field Day next week!!!!!  She filled them with blue Gatorade and they gulped them down!!
Whale Kids with their sweet teacher!  They made their shirts as part of the unit they are studying.
Our weather has been hit or miss lately, but on Monday it was gorgeous and they were able to enjoy their snack outside. Love these sweet littles!!
My little sidekick was the best!  He helped me carry everything in and he LOVED hanging out with the "big kids" :)
Such a fun afternoon!
And yes, I'm already dreaming up May Day crafts/snacks! :))


Kelli said...

Cute!! Love the dirt cups my kids love when we make them.
Looking forward to seeing your May Day fun! I love leaving flowers for my parents and in laws on May Day. My little one went to a May Day party last fun! They had a cute pole with ribbon that the kids each held a piece of ribbon and whet in a circle around the May Day pole...while singing a song.

Queen of Good Intentions said...

SUPER CUTE!!! I have never seen the sucker flowers. Those were the perfect touch!! I will be using your idea soon for sure!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Jessica said...

Kelli~ I had such high hopes for a little May Day "Ding & Ditch" delivering sweet little treats to our neighbors but with the funeral, we had to skip it this year. :( I LOVE May Day pole dances with littles all clad in sweet year!

Andrea~ weren't those lollie flowers fun??! :)))