Monday, February 24, 2014

almost 7

I can't believe this little one is almost S E V E N!!!
She is full of joy and introspection. Perfect parts kind heart + girly girl. Goes out of her way to make others feel welcome. Loves Jesus and says the sweetest little prayers. She's sensitive, yet strong...a leader who wants to make sure everyone is doing okay.  Likes art, dance, crafts, writing plays and songs, the color pink, glitter, planning parties {go figure!}, the Food Network {Pioneer Woman's #1 fan} and wants to be a baker when she grows up.
What a blessing you've been and continue to be in our lives, Grace! Can't wait to celebrate #7 with you!!
Here are a couple of sneaks into her party...a Girls Only birthday party this time, with just her school friends...she's growing up *sniff, sniff*...
Can you guess her theme??
I'll give you a hint. She selected Tiger Lily as her name. :)
A little dollop of happy...also known as party colors...*wink*
{pic from here}

More soon!


Kelli said...

She is so sweet....looking forward to seeing party pictures! My cutie will be 7 in July and she too love party planning. :) She wants a cowgirl party..I am excited about this one my party wheels are spinning!

Lesley said...

Seriously, you have the best & cutest ideas!!! LOVE the teepee!! You made that didn't you? What a great little place to play in and daydream and giggle with friends! Great memories will be made.

stephanie said...

I've loved seeing the sneaky-sneaks on Pinterest...can't wait to see what y'all have come up with! Happy (early) Birthday!!

Angel said...

What beautiful & sweet pics of Grace. Love her top I just bought the same top a couple of weeks ago for my Gabby. Perfect for Spring! Loving the party colors and theme! Thanks for sharing a sneak peak with us. Can't wait to see all the details :-)

Queen of Good Intentions said...

So excited! I can't wait to hear all about your party. Love that you gave us a sneak peek! Looks like it is going to be super fun!

Jessica said...

Thanks girls - we're excited!!

I didn't make the teepee, Lesley, but thanks for the compliment! ;)

Got it from Sugar Shack Teepees:

Arrived in a couple of days, fully assembled and ready to go...gotta love that when you are pressed for time!