Thursday, April 24, 2014

Kindergarten Round-up!

Seems like just yesterday I was holding this little fella in my arms...
...and today we signed his contract for kindergarten!
He has been accepted into the same school as Grace and for that we are so thankful!! Definitely a prayer answered! I'm overjoyed not only because it's a great school, but also for the logistics of having both of them at ONE school!!!
With our wonderful principal, Mrs. H!
Before the program started, the current kindergarteners sang a sweet song in Swahili and then after the program ended parents and the new kindergarteners could tour the four kinder classrooms and the enrichment classes. We headed straight to Ms. V's classroom! The sweetest kinder teacher ever!  Fingers crossed that Hudson gets her for kinder in the Fall!!
The sweetest moment was when we walked into the music classroom and Grace's class was there. She and Savannah got so excited to see him! Such a cute little Tiger cub :)
{sorry for the bad pic...lights were dimmed and the smartboard was on which gives everyone an alien-ish glow}
Hudson and his buddy Andrew. These two cuties are Sunday School buddies and now kinder buddies. Double Trouble. Amanda and I have already started saying prayers for their teachers - ha!
One of the things I love most about this man...he makes every effort to be at all school functions, even when it means rearranging his whole day! The littles are blessed to have a great Daddy.
Love this little welcome gift each new kindergartener received. So sweet that Mrs. H took the time to sign each of them!
We are so proud of you and so excited for you, Hudson!!! Here's to a wonderful kindergarten year!!!
Love you to the moon and back! And again and again and again... 
Mama, Daddy & Grace

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Monica Bradford said...

Aw, so sweet, and exciting!
My Lauren will start kinder in the Fall as well. :)