Saturday, April 19, 2014

Soccer & Eggs

Just want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you who has taken the time to pray for our family and also to all who have sent such sweet and uplifting notes and messages. I miss my grandma more than words can say, but I'm also at peace that she is no longer suffering. Thank you for lifting our family up!

Today was Hudson's last soccer game of the season and we couldn't be prouder of our little guy! He played his little heart out!
I love that they start with prayer...
Noonie & Papa J came to watch him play and he was so excited to see them!
His two other teammates who were there today for the game are quite a bit younger than Hudson and they weren't much into playing today. I sure am proud of Hudson for hanging in there even when the going got tough...3 against 1 - yikes!...sure would have been easier to quit, but he kept going. Way to go, Hudson!
Grace and Papa J running their own competition - ha!
At the very end the other team sent two of their players to play with Hudson, so we ended up cheering for "green"! Daddy and I are so, so, SO proud of you, Hudson!
Showing off his end-of-the-season medal!
We went home to change and then went out for a celebratory lunch...this little boy LOVES queso! Our very own Queso King - ha!
After running some last minute errands, we decided to stop for a little treat and ended up with Easter egg inspired Icees!
Sort of like dying eggs, right??
We ran into an egg shortage so I decided to go by my favorite 7/11...Noonie's house - hahahahaha! Thank you for saving the day, Noonie!
Papa J is always a great sport - gotta love grandparents!!!
With my grandma being sick and then our trip to Puerto Rico to say good-bye to her, we just didn't do our annual Hop Hop Breakfast - so sad about that, but there's always next year! We almost didn't dye Easter eggs either, but we ended up doing a few last minute and the littles were thrilled!
Happy {almost} Easter!


Queen of Good Intentions said...

Love how you treasure your family and never take anything for granted! I always know where to look when I need a dose of positivity. "Choose Joy" keeps repeating in my head. Of course, I have heard that many times but until your recent posts I have not let that saying sink in. You are so good about recording your blessings! So glad your joy can rub off on me! Thanks for sharing!!

Jessica said... are the sweetest! I often have to repeat the saying to myself, just to let it sink in on days when nothing seems to go right!!!!