Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Preschool Easter Party

Can't say goodbye to April without sharing Hudson's sweet Easter party at school from a couple of weeks ago. I'm so sad that I didn't have our annual {bunny breakfast} this year, but sometimes we just have to cut ourselves some slack and realize there is always next year! Even though it's just baby steps, I'm learning to show myself some grace in areas where I would never hesitate to do so for others. Why is it that we are so much harder on ourselves????!  All right, back to the party...

Ready to look for eggs...
Such a sweet group of kids! I love listening to their conversations!!
We each had to bring 12 stuffed eggs and of course, Hudson picked Star Wars. He was so excited when he found one of the eggs he brought! Blue Darth Vader for the win!!
Egg Race!
The egg race may just be my all-time favorite!!! Even just saying the words makes me smile {I'm a goofball, I know!}
And they're off!
Pin the tail on the bunny!
Hudson and Lilly...never too far apart :)
Picnic lunch! Yum! Leslie made the cute bunny pbj's - love fun food!
Let's just say we had a very lengthy conversation where he went on and on about how "muffins are healthy" and "so I should just eat the muffins and nothing else". Oh, this boy!!!
Of course, no problem eating the cookies!!!
Love jars and gift cards for their sweet teachers to wrap up Teacher Appreciation Week at Hudson's school...
We loved coming to your party, Hudson!!

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