Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cinco de Mayo!

We had a super fun Cinco de Mayo! I love themes. Themes make me happy - ha! Anything to make the ordinary, special - that's my motto these days. 

 So as I was dropping the littles off at school, I decided we needed to have a Fiesta that night. Grace had been reminiscing about {the donkey pinata} her preschool teacher always had and well, the rest is history! Fiesta it was!
Grace and Hudson ready for school... 
{Grace wore this dress when she was three, I was happy it still fit as a tunic with shorties under!}
Hudson has been wanting a cactus {I have no idea why} so he finally got his wish! I picked up this cactus and a couple of succulents at Lowe's and found them a little home right in our cookie containers from Puerto Rico. I'm so NOT a green thumb!! I'm hoping I can keep these succulents alive...I mean how hard can it be, right???!
I went in for eggs and a lime...and came out with this. It's the Target curse, I tell ya!
As soon as I picked him up from school, Hudson introduced me to "Mr. Figalo", his silly grass friend. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, we changed his name to "Senor Figalo" and of course, we made him part of the Fiesta!
I love a pretty place setting and I couldn't wait to put these pretty salad dishes that my friend Segi gave me for my birthday to good use! Thank you, Segi!!
I like to make it fun for the littles, but I also like to use what I already have around the house...I hit the jackpot when I remembered these little vintage toys from Grace's 1st birthday!!!! This is Hudson's spot...El Nacho Libre! ha!
Lance got El Senor Figalo...and a "Pop" orange soda :))
Love all the fun, bright colors!
Lance and I had our very own pre-dinner show, courtesy of Senorita Grace and El Nacho Libre...
Food photographer I am NOT, but dinner was yummy. Chicken taco ring, rotel beef dip with chips, homemade guacamole, and Mexican ice cream brownie sundaes for dessert. So not healthy, but sooooo yummy!
And then after dinner, we surprised them with the pinata! It's the little things. They were soooooooooo happy, you would have thought we {told them we were going to Disney}!
El Toro! 
{so ugly it's cute}
They got dangerous with their whacking, so we had to find El Toro a new spot! 
{Lance got into the Fiesta spirit with his clothing choice - ha!}
Without the blindfold this time... 
{this darn pinata is indestructible!!!}
Bah! Let's just stomp it on the ground!
El Toro didn't last long that way!!
C A N D Y!!!
Never mind that it was leftover E A S T E R candy, they were in L O V E!!!
A fun family night indeed!
Happy Cinco de Mayo! 
{even if I'm a couple of days late posting!!}


Cool Kids said...

Love the look on your husband's face! :)

CaSandra said...

You always {ALWAYS} create the most fun memories for your kids; so glad you are generous enough to share them with the rest of us in blog land. Be sure to update us on how the suculents do... I can BARELY keep a fake plant alive, but I've been inching to try my green thumb with some of those little cuties!

Leanne Helums said...

I love how you make simple days special and fun. I have not been as good with that lately. Thanks for inspiring me always.