Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hooray, It's Summer! Breakfast

To kickoff the start of our first week at home since school ended, I decided to throw the littles a "Hooray, It's Summer!" breakfast.
You can tell who the morning person is out of our bunch, that's for sure!!!
Noise makers and Cake for breakfast???! Why not! It's Summer!
As if cake wasn't enough, bring out the sugary fruit loops - one of Hudson's favorite treats! {Grace wouldn't touch them - go figure!}
She did devour a slice of that homemade chocolate cake and gulped down a bottle of icy cold milk!
Here's to Summer and breaking the rules and making fun memories with your littles and loved ones! 
And......the Mr. and I celebrated 8 years today! Here's our post-Anniversary-dinner-obligatory-selfie! A juice filet and au gratin potatoes make for full bellies, that's for sure! Here's to 50 more!