Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Tea

Hudson's preschool had the sweetest Mother's Day Tea for us yesterday. I love all these preschool activities!!
I cut about 3 in. off my hair and had all-over color put in to try and hide the ever-growing gray hairs that seem to have decided to invade my head - ha! I also had my hair stylist fix it wavy instead of straight. I asked Hudson if he liked my hair straight or wavy. He paused for a second and said, "I think it looks beautiful both ways, mama." This little boy is going to make an awesome husband one day!  Love you, Hudson!
With my favorite little guy in the whole wide world!!
Everything looked so pretty!
These preschool recipe books are one of my most favorite things!!
Parmesan cheese, huh? I love it!!!
Ready to sing for us...
My mother has a special name, it's M-O-M-M-Y...
They sang the cutest little songs - I could have stayed and listened to them all day! There's nothing sweeter than those tiny preschool voices!
I did really good fighting back the tears, but then the slideshow started...
...and when I saw this and then started thinking that we only have 1 week left of preschool and next year my BABY is going to KINDERGARTEN, well, you know the rest.
I love my flower, Hudson! Thank you!!
And this is the cutest butterfly I've ever seen!
I love all the sweet handprint/footprint preschool crafts!!
And then there are the portraits...he he he...those hairs! LOVE!
Love this sweet activity...
But this little questionnaire sure has a special place in my heart!!!
Thank you, Mrs. D and Mrs. P for such a sweet program!!!
Most of the moms in our class. We were missing some that had to leave right after the program was over - boo! I sure enjoyed getting to know all of you ladies this year!
I loved, loved, loved the Mother's Day Tea, Hudson!!! You did a great job keeping almost all of the songs a surprise for weeks!!! Thank you for making me feel special!
And if I ever had to pick a little boy to be mine, I'd HANDS DOWN pick YOU!

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