Sunday, July 18, 2010

blueberry pickin'

Friday afternoon, after Lunch Date with Noonie, we packed up the car and headed out to a blueberry farm - an excursion of sorts in the middle of the blistering summer heat - heat index still in the 110° mark, folks.
{Side note - I so love Friday Lunch Date! It gives my mom and I a chance to catch up and talk and laugh and plan. The littles love it too. And we now take turns cooking and going out to eat so it's even more fun!} Okay, back to the blueberries. This was a first for us and SO.MUCH.FUN. The blueberries were plentiful...and so juicy! They're grown without pesticides of any kind so you can taste 'em as you pick 'em. Hudson loved looking at the berries, tasting them...not too much. We found a bit of shade and snapped some sweet pictures of my favorite little guy. Isn't he so sweet?!! This picture of him is too funny to me - it's like he's on a look-out mission. And tree branch in my face and all, I love this shot of my little guy and I. Mama loves you so much, Hudson! Then it was Grace's turn. She wasn't too sure about the berries at first but it didn't take long for her to become an expert picker. Her blueberry pickin' went something like this: Pick. Taste. Smile. Pick. Taste. Taste. Taste. Pick. Bucket. Who can blame her, these berries were so jUicY and sWeeT. I looked back and saw this and it melted my heart! The little pumpkin helping her little brother. SO SWEET!

Noonie was the best and fastest picker......but the little pumpkin wasn't too far behind! We picked and we picked and we picked. And we ended up with this: Not too bad, huh?

Then it was time to head to the farmhouse to sort through our berries. This part was so much fun for the little pumpkin. She loved using the duster to "gently" push the blueberries down the sorter. Noonie pulled double duty sorting and holding the cutest chunky monkey. Hudson loved the sound of the berries as they made their way down the table. No matter the situation, this little one loves being "the helper". But the best part, Oh my, the best part, were the absolutely delicious blueberry popsicles the farm makes. When you bring in your berries, hot from the sun, they greet you with a homemade popsicle. Heaven! Hudson L-O-V-E-D the popsicle...and the popsicle loved him :) Nothing a little OxyClean couldn't take on :) And thanks to Hudson's milk bottle ice packs we brought home a dozen of those delicious popsicles!

We had the best time, even in the blistering hot Summer heat. Blueberry pickin' may just become another annual tradition for us.
Can't wait for next year!


Virginia said...

I loved it too!!! (In spite of the heat!) The popsicles were berrylicious and you can tell that the kids loved them as much as we did
Love, love, love that last picture of us four under that gorgeous tree. Would you make me a copy just like that, in black and white?

Lindsey said...

I love those popsicles! Did you know that the recipe is in Mardi Gras to Mistletoe? It is!! I found popsicle molds at Family Dollar last week for $1 to make them!

Jessica said...

Mom~ thanks for always being up for any adventure I come up with! And of course I'll make you a copy of the picture! Isn't the tree awesome? :)

Lindsey~ I had NO idea!!! Thanks so much for the tip off! I'm so making those popsicles again!