Monday, June 20, 2011

blueberry pickin' {2011}

Friday we hit the road for our annual trip to the blueberry farm. This year we went early in the morning and it was so much fun!We took some sweet pictures while we were there...My little pumpkin! My sweet boy! Time to pick those berries!The owners of the farm are so sweet. They remembered us from last year. When I stepped on the porch to check in, he took one look at our containers and said,
"you don't want to wear the harness, do you?" HA! They know us all too well.
Noonie was the expert picker, as always ;)Hudson's idea of blueberry pickin'...Can you say, "swiper, no swipin'!"We stopped our berry pickin' for a little nature lesson...No birdies, but still a sweet little nest tucked safely inside some branches...I'm always amazed at God's perfect creations. Sweet brother & sister Do you think she was taking pointers from her brother???Caught! One of the best things about this farm is that the berries are grown without any pesticides so eating them as you pick is A-ok, in fact the owners encourage a little
taste test for the littles.
My sweet littles, oh how I love you! Time to pool together our resources...
I will say, there was one little someone who didn't believe in crop sharing - HA!
One of the neatest parts for the littles is seeing how the berries are cleaned, sorted and packed. Of course, the BEST part is the popsicles the owners sweetly give to everyone when they're finished! This little boy LOVES these popsicles (check out last year)!! Mmmm, Mmmm Good! Time to go visit the chickens with Noonie... I love this little cross on the chicken coop.Feeding the chickens leftover berries...
(check out the "peep out" sign - HA!)
Our blueberry pickin' team:
Noonie-60, Jessica-33, Grace-4, & Hudson-four days shy of 2! (yes, it was HOT!)Can't wait for next year!


Louley's Belles said...

I know that was a fun trip. Holli and I took the kids one year right after school was out. There was a field trip there and it took FOREVER to check out. We had fun but haven't been back, it's about time that we do. Those are some sweet pics you got!!!

Kayla Cheatwood said...

That looks like a perfect day for making memories with your kids!

I found your blog by looking for birthday party ideas! It's nice to read another Texas Mommy Blogger!