Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a daily dose of happiness!

Some days are just full of unexpected surprises.   I dropped the littles off at school one day last week and I was missing them something fierce.  I worry about the world they are growing up in and the things they will face. Some days I wish I could just keep them by my side!!  But then I started lifting my eyes up to the beauty all around me and it just turned my whole day around.  I think we all need reminders from time to time.
{And I'm not sure what it is about that funny looking mustache on Hudson - it's just a silly phone shadow, but maybe God has a funny sense of humor, after all?!?}
Like finding funny pictures you didn't know your daughter took while you tried to snatch the phone from her, but that make you glad to see yourself through her eyes...
Like a quiet morning to plan out your week before going 90 to nothing...
Like an unexpected invitation for lunch on a cold, rainy day...yes, please!
So yummy!  Thanks, Noonie!
Like finding a super fun surprise in the mail from a friend just because...
Thank you, Melissa! I love, love, love my new heart garland!

Like wearing the earrings your daughter picked out for you "Pink goes with everything, Mama!" even though they don't match your outfit that day but then catching a reflection of yourself in the mirror and remembering her sweet smile as you switched them out that morning..
Like hearing belly giggles from your littles because they can't believe you put your shoes where??! And now they each want to take a turn putting their shoes up there...
It's the little things that make up the most beautiful moments in our days.  We decided to spread a little cheer with some early morning deliveries on our day off from school on Monday...
Because some days delivering a little dollop of homemade yumminess is what it's all about!
What about you? What makes your heart sing?
Go out and do it!


Virginia said...

Hudson: I loved my yummy special delivery! You are a great delivery boy! Your smile melts my heart!

Kelli said...

Love all the sweet pictures. What blessed friends you have...all they yummy goodies packaged extra cute delivered by a handsome little fella.
Enjoy your day!

Angel said...

Love this post! Made me smile :-)

TaDa! Creations said...

Oh my goodness! The pic she snapped of you is gorgeous. Love love love this my friend. You are beautiful inside and out. <3

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