Monday, January 5, 2015

good morning, sunshine!

First things first, 2 out of 4 of us are not morning folks around here. I'll give you a hint, both of us like shoes a whole lot...and glitter. So to make the transition from winter break back to school a little easier, I decided to add a few pretties and move breakfast from our usual nook to the dining room.
Of course, there's no good lighting at 6:30a, but you get the idea...add a little chalkboard and some scrapbook placemats and the littles get h a p p y!
Food was super simple, just cereal + strawberries and a little hot cocoa...with marshmallows, of course!
You win some, you lose some...and sometimes mama is just too tired to say no, so cereal with a side of Poptart it is. One happy little boy on the first day back, makes it all worth it in my book! Bedheads and kitchen towels are just bonus.
Hello, Spring Semester! 
{and why, oh why, must they grow up overnight once those baby teeth start falling out???! *cue the tears*
Hope you had/will have a great first day back! Photobucket