Monday, January 12, 2015

rain, rain and more rain

So far, I think we've had only 2 or 3 sunshine-y days this January! So.much.rain!!!
We leave some of our Christmas stuff until 3 Kings Day or until Lance can't stand it being out any longer - ha! Apparently the UPS man accidentally knocked my chalkboard too far out. Grace said, "Oh mama, don't look!" She knew how hard I had worked on this sign!! It was my first time to try some chalk art. I just looked at Pinterest for inspiration and gave it a go. So fun! Can't wait to give my chalkboard a valentine message.
And speaking + red...Yes, please! Can't wait!
The Target dollar spot just got cuter!! I wanted some chair backers for the littles to leave little love notes all month long but didn't want to pay $56 at PBK, so when I spotted these for $1/each, I may or may not have done a little happy dance right in the middle of tarje'!!
Add a monogram and some cute ribbon and voila! Love how they turned out!!
{sorry for the flashy pic - like I said RAIN!}
And because it's been raining and raining and raining...and we've been cooped up inside for far too long...
A VIP invitation to the Pink Frosting Spa & Bakery?? Why, yes please! What more could a girl want??!


Kelli said...

Love all you cute target finds. Valentines day is my favorite holiday and I have been patiently waiting to decorate for a few more days...
Happy Monday!

Eleanor said...

I'm on a mission to find those envelopes at our local target. I, too, eye the chair backs on the PBK website, but can't bring myself to pay their steep prices. Thanks for sharing your find!

Karin said...

Hi Jessica! I love your blog just wanted to let you know I am at Craft House Weekend right now because of your blog! I didn't know such a place existed and it has been amazing so far. I finished my apron last night! Look forward to future inspiration from you.

Jessica said...

Kelli - you have more restraint than me!!! I went straight from Christmas to PINK/RED explosion!! hahahaha

Eleanor - I love, love the PBK ones, but once you add the monogram they are $$$, so this was a fun find/project and I love how it turned out! Hope you can find some!!

Karin - you just made my day!!!! I read your message as we were going out of town for the weekend and just had the biggest smile on my face. Hope you had a fab time at CW!!!!

Lesley said...

Jessica, thank you for the cute idea of those valentine envelopes. I too had been looking at the ones PBK had but also thought they were a little too pricey. I couldn't find the envelopes at the Targets near me so I put the word out to some of my friends and sure enough they found them and I now have 4 extra ones! If any of your followers haven't been able to find them, I would be more than happy to share.