Wednesday, May 6, 2015

School Memories...

The kindergarteners put on an adorable play, "How Does Your Garden Groove?" Hudson and Caroline were Freddy and Frannie Farmer!
With his teacher Ms. V!
He had his part down pat...he he!
Ms. V's French Fry Potatoes - soooo cute!
Love this sweet farmer to pieces!
"...a shakin' and a groovin' and a working it out!"
All of the kinders did such a great job!! I loooooved their costumes and songs!! Fan Club Alert!! 
You did so great with all your lines, Hudson! We are so proud of you!!
Hudson has his un-birthday back in April... whale style for the Whale Kids! 
Hudson and his 6 "candles"...birthday child gets to pick out 6 friends to be the candles around him while they sing happy fun!
Sugar HIGH!
I love that we have this fun art festival to celebrate all the wonderful art made by students in our district.
We helped set up our school's booth and the littles couldn't wait to show me their artwork!
Hudson's was a self-portrait in a specific artist's abstract style, drawn without lifting up your writing instrument, but I can't remember the name!!
Lots of fun crafts!
Boys will be BOYS!
Stinky fish art! He LOVED it!!
The kinders made their own shirts in class and had fun activities outside all day long!
Our school held a Make-your-own-waffle breakfast to celebrate Arts/Literature/Safety Poster winners and the kiddos had a blast! Love all the bright colors!
Grace's first time to eat cafeteria breakfast and she said it was "pretty good" - ha!
Apparently we are in the "bunny ears" phase...
Sweet girls! 
{who had to be coaxed to put down the bunny ears!!}
Love this little pumpkin to pieces!
A year ago we were sitting in those new parents' seats... filled with such anticipation having just received our acceptance letter... and today we are on the other side! Kinder year almost over and our littles not so little anymore {cue the tears!}. They were so cute singing and welcoming the incoming kinders!
Grace won 1st place in Visual Arts in the Primary division for the PTA's Reflections contest, then went on to place at the district level. She also won 1st place in our district's writing contest for her Moonlight Sparkle poem she wrote while in 1st grade last year. The books were just published and she was so excited to see her poem in print! Love seeing her creative talents flourish!
Creative minds at work - hahaha!
So proud of all these kiddos!
Noonie was able to come to the district ceremony - Grace was so excited!  Here she is holding her "Celebrate What Makes You Shine!" art interpretation of "The world would be a better place if"..."we celebrate what makes each person special instead of making fun of what they lack."
And just before we left for New York, Grace found out she passed the juried art test and had been accepted into the Talented Arts Program! ONE.HAPPY.GIRL!!
The Second Grade Parent Lunch was Cinco de Mayo themed...even though they moved it up a week - ha! I love the adorable milk-carton maracas Grace's class made. So fun to see so many families sharing lunch at school!! {But oh my, the NOISE level in the cafeteria!! I don't know how teachers do it!! Mimosas, anyone? Actually, make that MARGARITAS!}
No fiesta at our Casa this year, but Moe's $5 burritos were not half bad either! ;)
I can't believe this school year is coming to an end. Next year Lance and I will have a THIRD GRADER and a FIRST GRADER {gulp!} That sounds so GROWN-UP!!! But every stage seems to bring with it something new to look forward to, so I'll wipe away the tears and continue to press on. So proud of the two littles God has entrusted us with. I always tell them to use their God-given talents to make a positive difference in the world. It is beautiful to see that unfold!