Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ava's Rule...In memory of the SuperPrincess

I came across this story this past weekend while browsing the net. My heart aches for this beautiful family and their gut-wrenching tragedy. I've read more times than I care to think about parents "forgetting" their children in the car, but this was not the case here at all. These parents had taken every precaution imaginable. This sweet, curious 3 1/2 year old went in the parked car looking for some candy and sadly never returned. It only took 30 minutes for this tragedy to occur. Please take a moment to visit the Rosemeyer's websites to learn more about the danger posed by the temperatures inside a parked car and some tips to prevent this tragedy from affecting your loved ones.

Ava's Rule

Ava's Memorial Site

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Here's to you, Ava - the SuperPrincess!

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Virginia said...

What a sad story ! I can't imagine that mother's and family's heartache !
We can never be too careful with kids ! It only takes a minute for a tragedy to happen.
Thanks for showing this link in your blog. It may prevent this from happening to someone else.
My prayers will be with that family.