Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weekend Fun - Part II

Tales from the Crib~

Picture this: Mama tucks in a sleepyhead Grace for an afternoon nap, although it's a little later than her usual time. Grace decides sleeping means she's missing out on something fun and refuses to nap. After about 20 minutes of fussing, Daddy gives in and goes to get Grace since it's obvious 1) she's not going to sleep and 2) if she DID fall asleep now, it would mess up her bedtime since it's close to 5PM. Grace (relieved that Daddy rescued her from that mean old crib) sees Mama and excitedly says, "Mama!"
Mama: "You didn't take a good nap. You're going to be sleepy, tired, and grouchy later."
Grace: "I happy."
Oh, my! She's only 15mo. old!! What are we in for???!!!

So we quickly switched plans and decided to have some good old fashioned backyard fun. Check out Grace's hands. Can you see a trend? Grace LOVES holding on to stuff. She calls these her "tools". Love those piggy tails! Fun in the summertime

1 comment:

Virginia said...

Love her piggy-tails !!!!
Every time I see her I feel like squishing her !!! She is such a "good girrrrrl " !
Love, Noonie