Monday, June 30, 2008

Blueberries, Playhouse, and "Sparkle"

I've been having a hard time brushing Grace's teeth. I tried the automatic toothbrush the pediatrician said to get and it worked for a while until Grace decided it was more fun to put her little finger on it, "ET phone home" style, than have Mama brush her teeth with it. Next came a little pink toothbrush with ladybugs, but she'd rather point to the ladybugs and say "bugs", than have it in her mouth. Finally last week I spotted a mini pink tube of baby Orajel gum cleaning gel in the baby aisle at Target and BINGO! it had a picture of Elmo. Armed with my Elmo "toothpaste" I decided this might just do the trick. So that night after her bath, I pulled out the pink brush and pink Elmo gel and Grace just smiled with excitement. She let me brush her teeth, gums, tongue - you name it! (Now, I realize you're probably thinking, why is she writing about this. Well, if you're a mom, then you understand how excited we get over these little everyday accomplishments. Plus, I've never had a cavity, so I'd like to instill good hygiene early on :) ) I also told Grace, now you can sparkle! And she took the bait! So everytime I say to her, "show me how you sparkle", this is what I get: Not bad, huh?

Sunday afternoon, Noonie brought over blueberries that one of their neighbors had grown. They were delicious! Grace had never tried them before and when she did, she puckered up and made a face at the "balls" as she called them! Along with the Elmo toothpaste, I picked up this pop up playhouse on sale at Target last week. At first Grace wouldn't go in it, but once Noonie went inside, she figured it was safe and happily climbed in Noonie's lap for her favorite "a,b" book. I can just picture the girlie sleepovers to come!

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