Saturday, June 28, 2008

Weekend Fun - Part I

I just love the extended daylight hours! Makes me feel like we have extra time to do fun things! Now, if I could do something about the heat...Anyhow, Grace had so much fun this weekend. She loved playing with this air ball toy until she figured out that just holding on to the balls was even more fun! Mimi to Grace: How does it work, Grace?
Grace: Press right here, Mimi! Thanks for the cute outfit, Mimi!

Saturday, we went to Madeline's birthday party at a video arcade. I can't believe my sweet goddaughter is already 5 years old!! My, how fast they grow! I remember holding her when she was just moments old...sweet memories, for sure.

The birthday girl Make a wish! Grace loved riding in this car! By the way, that's Uncle Brian (Madeline's dad) laughing in the corner! Playing with Daddy HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, MADELINE!!! Aunt Jessica loves you!

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