Sunday, June 8, 2008

Birdies and Cheerios

Grace has been gifted with a sweet voice and lots of volume! She especially likes to put this talent to use at church :) Our church has been undergoing a major renovation for the past year - a new sanctuary is being built - which means that Mass is being held in the everything-sounds-louder gym, which means no cryroom for parents of little ones and no lobby. Can you see where I'm going with this??? Grace was especially happy with her new, ever expanding vocabulary this morning during Mass. She was not acting out, she was just really, really, really loving her Elmo Goes to the Farm book. Complete with claps, giggles, and loud "E-L-M-O"'s. Needless to say, Grace and Mama enjoyed a nice long time-out from the moment the homily started until Communion (something like 20-30 minutes). Grace loves looking for birds and today, a little birdie provided the perfect distraction during our break. Here's Grace just after spotting the bird. Leaning in to get a closer look Eating a little snack Going after the fallen cheerios Happy with fistfuls of Cheerios Fallen cheerios = food for the birdie = Grace NOT happy that Mama said "We can't eat those - those are the birdie's cheerios now". And this last one, just because I love it! On a side note, Grace has learned to say "Amen". It is so sweet! Every night, after we say our prayers, as I'm laying Grace down in her crib, I give her kisses and say to her, "Nighty night. I love you. God bless you, Amen". Well, I guess she's heard me say it over and over and she now beats me to it and says, "Ayymen" and smiles. My sweet girl! God bless you always, pumpkin! AMEN.


Virginia said...

How sweet that she can beat you to say "Amen" !
You are teaching her right, in so many ways. I've always been proud of you as a daughter; now I'm also proud of you as a Mom !
Lovely pictures ! Lovely outfit !
Love, Mom/Noonie

Whome1996 said...

Birdies and Cheerios are a delightful duo that never fails to bring joy! The vibrant plumage of the feathered friends adds a burst of color to any day, creating a cheerful atmosphere. Paired with the wholesome crunch of Cheerios, it's a match made in happiness. Whether you're enjoying the playful antics of the birds or savoring the satisfying crunch of Cheerios, this combination is a surefire way to lift spirits and start the day with a smile. It's a harmonious blend of nature and nourishment that never fails to brighten my mornings!

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