Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Family Visit

My stepsister Karla and my sweet nieces Nikki and Katie, who I have not seen in person in 8 years, came to visit!! We had a blast with them over the weekend - it's so much fun to have them around! I'm going to miss them even more when they go back home.

Here's all of us girls Karla and Nikki Katie and Grace bonding over their mutual love of monkeys! Grace learned to say "kayteee" really fast. Katie was so sweet she let Grace play with her light up watch over and over and over :) Grace having fun dancing with Papa A.J. Father and Daughter Noonie and the girls Enjoying a little trolley ride (Grace's first - she loved it!) We went to one of those science discovery centers - LOTS of fun for ALL of us!! Here's Grace having a "BIG" movie moment. So much fun with all of the hands-on exhibits! Our NASA moment Okay, that's as close as I'm getting to that one! I'm not so sure about this... Ok, this is FUN! Let's race! Arguing over who's going higher, LOL! Can you tell we're a competitive bunch! Noonie is winning!! Grace was mesmerized by the Space Walk Tunnel Everybody SMILE! Happy Days, Happy Days!!


Virginia said...

Having family around is soooo important ! I'm very thankful to God that I can be physically and emotionally so close to you, dear daughter, and to my beautiful granddaughter, Grace.
I love looking at all these family pictures and seeing how happy everyone is.
Love, Mom/Noonie

Meandmyboys said...

These are so wonderful! It looks like everyone is having such a great time, I LOVE the picture of you two in the space suit-classic! We are so happy you were able to change your hotel dates, I can't wait for everyone to be here and to see E and Grace playing. I have him practicing her name, so everyday we get on your blog and he says "Gace"--ahh so cute :)
Hugs, Heather

Jessica said...

Awwwh, Heather, too cute!!! I love that E says Gace! I'm going to start practicing his name with Grace so they can "talk" to each other :) We'll be there in no time - yeaaaay!!