Sunday, January 25, 2009


This weekend Mimi & Pop came over so that Pop could help Lance move a huge HEAVY tv out of our guest room - the final step to emptying what will soon be Grace's big girl room. Amidst the furniture moving, we took a time out to "play" one of Grace's new favorite games. This one has Lance written all over it, I tell ya!

So what is this game you ask? Well, let's see how to explain it...a picture is worth a 1000 words, right? But first, I must say I found out about this father-daughter Saturday morning ritual a couple of weeks ago when the sweetest fits of laughter were coming from Grace's playroom :) You're still wondering right? Well, you see that is Lance lifting Grace waaaaay up in the air to place plastic Easter egg halfs on the ceiling fan blades. On this day, Pop was there to help steady the fan blades and to help with the lifting after the "Again, again" requests from the little pumpkin. Even Mimi got in on the action You're still thinking, "what is so fun about that" right? Well, the fun part for a two year old comes when you TURN ON the fan and the plastic eggs go flying everywhere! Giggles guaranteed. Although I'm sure this should come with a hazard warning, a "do not try this at home" of some sort - at least make sure the fan is not going very's to the simple joys of childhood!

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