Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh, no...Brother Sister sets here we come!

I've crossed to the dark side, yes "dark side" as in star wars. I'm not much of a star wars fan, but a very fitting analogy right about now. One of those things I said I would never do when I was in my 20's child free and care free. Funny how all those comments come back to haunt you, huh? Fast forward ten or so years and BAM! I've purchased boy-girl matching sets for Grace and Hudson. And here comes the kicker, NOT for this year, for NEXT Summer at that, when they're 3 and 1. Couldn't help myself, the force was too strong.

So what did I purchase, you ask? A little brown checked bloomer set for Grace and the coordinating jon jon for Hudson
big sis Grace

little bro Hudson

And as if matchy-matchy wasn't bad enough, they reverse to matching puppy dogs :O

Oh, well, they were on sale so I'm trying to tell myself that 4 outfits for $60 is a pretty good deal!

I have a feeling they'll be wearing them on the puppy side a lot more than the ice cream side since Lance will probably think the ice cream is too girly for Hudson, but maybe I can sneak a little picture of the two of them barefoot and enjoying some ice cream cones during those hot summer days in their matchy-matchy sets :)


Meandmyboys said...

Oh wow you have gone over to the dark side LOL!! Those are so cute, however I tend to favor the puppy dog side :) Hudson and Grace are going to have such fun looking back at pictures of when they were little and let their mommy dress them alike. Enjoy it while you can!!

Courtney said...

Love it!!